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Anyone knows where I can pre-order GW ? According to a post on WUS it will only be available in Japan. A lot of people have been asking for this: Seems like I read somewhere that it uses a new module. Feisar, your powers of procurement are truly amazing. If you like the way a merchant treats you, they will make your life easier on future pre-orders. For whatever reason the c is just getting significantly less press than the other two. Anyone’s pre-orders arrived yet:

Heard of people boling up G bezels to soften them up, not sure as I’d advise it with your mind: It may be my first learning some hard lessons about resin rot recently so I’m hesitant on the older ones and might be my first Project Team Tough. A lot of people have been asking for this: Which did you go for: Seems like I read somewhere that it uses a new module. All three models feature the classic 30th Anniversary custom caseback and packaging designed by Mr Eric Haze.

I know it’s personal preference. Plus I’ve got a bit of a thing for black and red.

Casio G-Shock 30th anniversary Limited Watch DW-6930C-1, DW6930C

I also live somewhere where atomic is absolutely useless, so I have some with and without. G-Central is independently managed by fans and is not an official Casio G-Shock ssries or dealer. While many valuable limited edition G-Shock watches often end up on display only out of fear of affecting their value, these more affordable models with their metal keepers are good options to actually wear in demanding environments.

I know it’s not slated for the US market but the other two are. My favorite photo from yesterday it was raining Hi mfy, I believe the c and c are worldwide releases, while the c is japan only. Just to add this Series is limited to pieces. Now Blac, hope it can compare!


A little small for me as Gs go, but I think it’s something that I need for the collection. But for me, I’m gunna hardpass on these. Does look pretty darn nice in the flesh, and was resisf piece I’d made the journey up for.

The module is probably a little more rugged than the original module. For me, I like DC. Obviously in the next week we’ll know all, but I still have some questions. The alarm indicator is changed and re-positioned.

Deals: G-Shock 30th Anniversary Models – G-Central G-Shock Watch Fan Blog

If you find one it is a pre-order. And agreed on the vs 25th anniversary.

However some sort of licence condition meant I was not allowed to purchase it. The rising reds featured 2 sseries frogs and skipped both the rise man and the gulf man. Of all the models I own this is the only piece of resin on which I see such a reaction, this includes a couple of G Before I was thinking the was going to be the coolest one. All three models feature the classic 30th Anniversary custom caseback and g-suock designed by Mr Eric Haze.

Shame really, but saying that they do currently have all the initial blue series in stock. For those that don’t know, the is supposedly using the same steel case as the gw which is why there is a good supply of those right now as well only Ion Plated instead of DLC coated.

Not sure if it’s just me but so far would probably say the 25th Anniversary Releases top the 30th Some more photos and information. A lot of people have been asking for this: They now have all three of this series in stock, pretty limited numbers. Kumazo put up two photos. Ok, so any tips on how to preserve the resin? Comfortable like everyone says! The ball just dropped over at Baselworld. Not officialy released in Japan yet, so the vendors themselves still do not know.


I’m getting pretty psyched about these. I got my shipping notification today! Hi mfy, Not a hundred percent sure about the c making it over from Japan, but you never know what Casio have in mind.

I would like to start a separate thread of known Authorized Dealers so we can know who to go to on limited releases.

If it’s OK with everyone I’d like to centralize some info about this series. Can anyone confirm if available at a european retailer? Only 10, watches in total are available for these 3 models. First up was the new GA based Supra collab. If Casio does 5 waves again, they still have not done a single one with all Master of G for the 30th. I wonder if the C does as well? I bought the dwc last week from casioUK. D The buttons are a little stuff in general, guess this is becasue of the mud resistant bezel.

Do you mean 10, pcs of each model or for all 3 put together? There are only 8 of these left in stock at present, I’m going back up next month, if you want one let me know.