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It is based off two kids “Edward Elric” and “Alphonse Elric” looking for a way to ressurect their mother and get their bodie … s back by using a stone which in the series they say is “Ledgendary” the Philosopher’s Stone. Well, even before Toonami, anime was airing in America in some form. I love Greed’s banter with his colleagues and Alphonse. I didn’t get a Laserdisc player until , and I had to import it from the US, which wasn’t cheap, because they never sold Laserdiscs or players in my area. Rock Lee and his Ninja Pals, better than the main series by so much. BBCode A great protagonist once said, “It’s only overpowered if you can’t return the favor!

Except the part where they were still only putting episodes per disk and still at 30 or more per disk. Since then I’ve watched everything online through various sites like youtube, animefreak, etc, and along the way I started ordering videos and DVDs. BBCode Anime is good, fucking deal with it. Would you like to merge this question into it? My personal favorite manga is rurouni kenshin, anime is ok but after the second arc it falls to pieces, the anime passed up the manga after the second arc and went to pot in the end lol, but its got a great story, well developed main character as well asa great story. In Greed’s lair, his henchmen reveal that the military turned them into chimeras. Just throwing my opinion out there, I suggest reading Manga if its something you enjoy, there are some anime that I love, code geass, attack on titan, and any other series I wanted to a see a fight in lol.

Forget greed, this guy’s weakness was his pride. You won’t regret it! Edward searches around town for him while Izumi asks Dante about what happened.

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The nerves are attached to it. Girls Und Panzer – Really only watched this out of wnimeratio about the hub-bub but it’s not too terrible. XD Trust me, it’s definitely the best to start with. D I’m watching Fullmetal Alchemist: But I still have to watch the rest of Fairy Tail. Granted, the movie sucked Episode 33, ” Al, Captured”. In Brotherhood, Selim Bradley is a homunculus named Pride who can control his own shadows.


Viz Media has released 25 volumes in the US as of June Hunter x Hunter version. The military storm in, with Kimbley betraying Greed.

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Anime for the win! Lancehot Otaku Whisperer Offline Joined: Those were dark times I’ll head over there when I get the chance: What is the fullmetal alchemist? Yes, I still do like the original FMA ending. I was a stupid seven year old kid watching what I thought were cartoons.

I have never seen anything so intense and well-thought.

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I haven’t figured it out yet but either way Those were the days. I think its shows like these that aspired Toonami to try adding anime and western action shows like Voltron and Thundercats to episods block, later adding Dragonball Z, Robotech, and Sailor Moon. Choose a video to embed. But thankfully, I did find some anime with sex and nudity that wasn’t necessarily hentai like Crying Freeman and Ghost in the Shell.

The question is actually not ‘what’ but more of a ‘who’. Compare this episode to episode 13 of Brotherhood.

We will remember them. But don’t get me wrong there are a lot of “New School” animes that are really good. Australia had Cheese TV fullmeal was active for freaking ages, and before that SBS just used to show anime every so often. Kids on the Slope, Probably the best anime last year. Skimmed over previous posts, but missed Iri’s mention of the Nick Jr.

I wish you guys get toonami on your Canadian Cartoon Network or teletoon as Bionix again. When you refuse to make sacrifices, others end up making them for you!


I can say my Crunchyroll account is some of the best money I have ever spent. Then back inthe Tower in my area was renting out import anime VHS from Japan but they weren’t subbed and apparently the university was using these videos to make their fansubs.

What epiaode is Fullmetal Alchemist? Soul Eater – great, very halloweeny which I love, humor all that. Short of the day: Did you finish FMA? It’s seriously, like, one of the best plots out there Anime is good, fucking deal with it.

How is fullmetal alchemist? Greed introduces himself to Al and asks him about his body, wanting to obtain the secret to eternal life, but Al refuses to tell him and attacks him with alchemy.

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Wrath in the first series could use alchemy because he had one of Edward Elric’s arms. We obviously know how well the franchise took off as they still make Power Rangers series and movies to this day.

Everyone here has given some great choices in anime.

BBCode Never forget, that if you post a topic, you’re not allowed to post in it yourself, by order of MAL administration. People were still exchanging subtitled anime via the internet and snail mail of course.

This was back in the mid 90s and I was in 5th eipsode 6th grade during that time. It’s called the Land of Anywhere.