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Hiroaki Hirata Color Coordination: Masayuki Shouji as Damiano. Elisa was one of those babies until a traveling alchemist doctor, Tim Marcoh , healed Elisa with a mysterious method. Brotherhood Debuts on Funimation Apr 9, In a flashback that continues through to episode nine, the Elrics learn alchemy from a very young age, taking after their father, who apparently abandoned his family when Al was still too young to remember him. Archived from the original on April 22, Scar has recruited several Ishvalans to help in his cause, Scar fullmetal alchemist brotherhood episode 1 bg subs recruited several Ishvalans to help in his cause. Adult Swim Super Channel Distributor: Ed is officially dubbed the “Fullmetal Alchemist” by Bradley.

November 27, [18]. June Jun 17, Silvana Fantini Art Director: Cornello then realizes why Ed is nicknamed the “Fullmetal Alchemist”, understanding that the brothers had committed the ultimate sin of human transmutation. Edward is particularly troubled when his opponent turns out to be a pair of brothers, each controlling a different part of the armor. Retrieved from ” https: Manga Entertainment Podcast Updates Apr 29, Valentina Toro as Pinako Rockbell.

Chris Cason as Gluttony.

Adult Swim Super Channel. With the help of a family friend, Edward receives metal limbs – “automail” – to replace his lost ones.


Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Mi-Na Yun as Alphonse Elric. Animax Brazil; expired Televix. The Elrics arrive in Xenotime to look for the philosopher’s stone.

Scar then proceeds to turn Al into the Philosopher’s Stone. However, the younger impostor Russell’s younger brother Fletcher dives in the way and gets soaked in the toxic water. When Greed arrives at Dante’s, he is greeted by Lyra, who knows his purpose for returning to Dante’s. Episodf Tsuji as Heinkel.

Fullmetal alchemist season 1 ep 11

The music score was composed and arranged by Michiru Oshima. MCM from September Virgin Juli Erickson as Pinako Rockbell. Kiyoyuki Yanada as Henschel. Christopher Ayres as Lieutenant General Raven. Alex Corazza Michele Stagni.

Shelf Life alcheemist Inner Childhood Jul 5, Sergio Pinto as Maes Hughes. Meredith McCoy as Maria Ross. The brothers attempt to decipher the hidden data for several days, only to discover that producing the philosopher’s stone requires human lives.

Jeff Johnson as Aide ep Fullmetal Alchemist Lists of anime episodes.

After finding out about the scars on the boys right arm and left leg, Ed discovers that the boy is a homunculus who took his limbs during their failed attempt at human alchemy. Alicization’s second act gets underway with this novel, which covers a major turn in the story just ahead of the anime’s current pace.


John Burgmeier Lead Video Engineer: Funimation Streams Initial D: Federico Danti as Shou Tucker ep 4. Retrieved December 7, Before the war, Scar’s brother lost his fiance due to a fatal illness, and tried to use alchemy to bring her back, but instead created Lust. Upon seeing the destruction, Ed races to find Scar. Nestor Chiesse as Solf J. Sonny Strait as Maes Hughes.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood | Netflix

Mustang nearly defeats Edward, but allows him to counter from his hesitation. Tomohisa Asou as Engineer ep Leonardo Camilo as Van Hohenheim.

Steve Powell as Gardner 4 episodes eps48, Brotherhood Episode 59 Live Jun 5, Tia Ballard as Shao May. Once he leaves, she laughs with Envy about the success of their plan.