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If the head is taken to mean reason, and the heart means emotion, then the latter should be more volatile. As an adaptation, it is able to be inventive, otherwise it’s simply a lovely fairy tale movie that has the charm of the old Disney classics, but really, it’s not in those heights yet. I did not get how women over 25 liked this flick in the theater. In fact, throughout the movie, Elsa is actually the moral center of the story. Both suffer from having the entirety of the movie’s humor lumped on them like some unwanted burden and both have a bad habit of completely derailing the immersion of the story and snapping the viewer back into a state of disbelief at their very existence. The townspeople haven’t seen either of them in years and both of them desert the kingdom and leave it in the hands of a stranger, without a second thought.

The depth of attention to detail, incorporating authentic Norwegian culture, is admirable, and one hopes that it might inspire Europeans and European-Americans to better appreciate their own heritages. Prince Hans and the Duke of Weselton are among the visiting dignitaries. The words don’t match the lip movement, and the audio sounds out of place. The most memorable among is the “Let It Go” scene that brings a lot of impact, it’s easily the best of its musical set pieces, giving a grand scale of bombast and emotion. An error has occured. Very, very little humour. The entire movie is full of mocking love at first sight.

Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel are both admirable as Anna and Elsa, while the rest are also full of personality.

It tries and fails to replicate the chemistry between Flynn and Rapunzel with Kristoff and Anna. Time and again, Anna is Elsa’s antagonist, a situation that only changes at the end of the film, when Anna finally makes a selfless act — the kind of selfless act that Elsa has been making her whole life, in sacrificing her happiness for the safety and well-being of others.


The townspeople haven’t seen either of mofie in years and both of them desert the kingdom and leave it in the hands of a stranger, without a second thought. So we have to play! There is a sense of Broadway indeed, blending it with its wondrous animation makes it more captivating. She only said that because she was worried about Hans’ brothers staying over for the wedding and having yet another social event that she’d be required to attend.

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Finally, at the end, Anna learns the lesson 45004 Elsa’s example has provided to her. Long story short, She asks for Elsas blessing to get married to Hans. And, while there was one character turn which was actually quite well executed, it is wasted frozrn immediately, because it changes absolutely nothing about the story.

Considering they shelved the project multiple times and only picked it up again after the success of Tangled, they should have shelved it again until they further thought out the storyline! Frozen capitalizes on this as strongly as possible, but fails at almost every turn.

Anna voiced by Kristen Bell had a surprisingly princess-like voice. It is quite surprising that such a dull movie has managed to accomplish such trozen feat. Of course you have to date for a while before even uttering the word love.

And we simpletons know this. The younger kids responded more to Olaf than the thematics of it all. Meanwhile, Kristoff and Sven are coming back because, true love. This is such an accurate reflection of modern society’s morals.

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It would’ve been much more satisfying if it were given an extra minutes. I have a sister and so i felt this deep connection to this feature.

I’m an 18 year old girl, froozen is a HUGE Disney fan and loves watching what her friends deem “little kid movies”. Olaf, the snowman AKA my least favorite character in the entire movie. Plus, many might enjoy the more Broadway style of the music, as Idina Menzel really pours it on when she sings as do the rest, though she clearly overshadows them with her magnificent singing.


Regarding romance it surprisingly includes it in the tale. It’s probably frozwn little too swift and somewhat predictable, but it always hits at the right heart and it really felt genuine. In Summer was one of the worst songs in the frozfn, right up there with Fixer Upper. Edit Details Official Sites: Fearless optimist Anna teams up with rugged mountain man Kristoff and his loyal reindeer Sven and sets off on an epic journey to find her sister Elsa, whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom of Arendelle in eternal winter.

All the things you loved are right here!: He then claims to the ruling council that Anna is dead, but that they had been married before she expired witnesses, marriage certificates and funerals apparently movvie exist in this world either It’s not perfect but I enjoyed it.

Anna and Elsa would be ineffective leaders anyways.

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A true all round musical triumph. Watching frozen before all the hype would probably have been a more enjoyable experience. The film, like any jovie the genre’s classics, is purely delightful and undeniably heartwarming.

They were sheltered for jovie years! But when Elsa transforms into the Snow Queen during her Let It Go sequence, that’s when we especially wish and expect to see more of her. Furthermore, the voice acting could definitely have been better. This is one of the worst movies of the entire season! Now, we have a movie that has very much the same feel as Mermaid.