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Maddie and Diggie, respectively, take different people. They go on dates and he fights over her. She goes up to her room to find out her wish has come true, only in a different way than expected. Meanwhile, Parker and Joey use an amulet to clone themselves, but when Joey drops it in hummus , it halts his cloning process, turning his clone into a moron. Retrieved June 16, Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise.

Helga goes to Scream Fest and she is famous: Right now we live in a world where people can’t even tell the difference between a show as good as this and one as bad as The Thundermans or The Haunted Hathaways. Liv, having not been there for four years, is excited to be participating in the cheese rolling contest with Maddie, who begins to recover from her knee injury. Liv is now forced to ask Artie for help, to which he happily agrees if Liv will do a photo shoot with him. What the heck happened? Kneebauer decided to suspend her from the basketball game until she admits where she was.

When Joey discovers that Diggie has signed them up for break-dancing lessons, Maddie suggests Joey attend them instead. Karen’s poem tree is ripped out of the ground by Cindy Dippledorf, which results in Liv and Karen teaming up to get revenge on her and her son, Holden, but they go too far when they steal a statue giraffe that was donated for Holden’s uncle’s wake.

Joey makes a bet with Artie and wins Artie’s minions to use as his own, but soon regrets it as Artie’s minions smother him with attention. Liv is awaiting the arrival of her best friend and Sing It Loud!

Meanwhile, Maddie is trying to pick a college and becomes even more conflicted after she is offered a basketball scholarship to a university in Beloit where her dad has become a college basketball coach. Retrieved September 24, Karen is giving a chance to do modeling but, Liv thinks the offer is a scam.

Liv is up for the lead role of a werewolf in the movie adaptation of a popular science fiction graphic novel and has invited a girl named “Fangs,” the girl who wrote a book about being raised by wolves, to help develop her character.

Kevin James as Mr. Maddie tells Diggie he should go to Australia and they agree to just stay friends for now; however, when he comes back, they will be more than just that. She and Willow stage it by making her pretend to ask Artie instead of him, shocking them both, but Artie agrees, anyway.


Meanwhile, Joey wants to show Parker he can be a cool brother. Also, in attempting to teach her cousin the pain of losing, Maddie becomes frustrated over Ruby’s constantly winning against her in various games. Joey tries really hard, but ends messing up several times. On the night of Scream Fest, Liv comes up with a new theme for it: Joey and Parker take advantage of this by using it.

Retrieved June 21, At the end, it turns out that Dump Truck was only storing salami in the locker for a salami eating contest to keep it from his friend, Tony Slim Nose; Liv and Kristen confront a reporter about female actors only being asked appearance questions; and Maddie swaps the book holding the support beam with her mother’s Thai cookbook, but she and Parker later discover that Karen keeps their important documents in there. Finally, Pete and Karen fix the diva board.

Willow persuades Maddie to help a struggling Liv and the two have to change the clumsy actress into a basketball pro. Joey and Parker use up money wrongly. Retrieved May 24, Liv, in an effort to shed part of her girly image, convinces Joey to let her join the team.

You really think that Gordy is even a tiny bit worse than Breadwinners? Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention from June All Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention Articles using small message boxes.

Retrieved January 23, Helga goes to Scream Fest and she is famous: Willow and Lacey convince Maddie to try and, as it turns out, she comes back even better. When she gets home, she practices her character with Joey and Parker, but inadvertently destroys the Paulie episdoe in the process.

Liv And Maddie Season 1 Episode 20 Song A Rooney – video dailymotion

Upon hearing from Maddie how much Diggie means to her, Ruby finds herself unable to harm the portrait but winds up accidentally ruining Liv and Maddie’s “sisters by chance” artwork. Diggie then tells Artie that she didn’t dump him, he dumped Maddie, and that he didn’t admit that Artie was his brother because what Artie does is embarrassing. Hungry, Karen reveals that her purse has “Parker Pockets” as well. He goes to school just before she leaves and does everything high school sweethearts would do mafdie just five minutes.

Maddie, however, tells her that the best way to get over a breakup is to seek revenge.


Parker moves to Ridgewood High School, and Maddie and Joey get jealous that episodr is becoming the best at everything. Karen has kept it secret that the girls were born on opposite sides of midnight and parties were hosted on Liv’s birthday as she was born first. Joey and Artie try to uncover a school secret but find out at the end it was a prank. When Maddie finds out he will not leave for Australia if she tells him she mwddie likes him, she tries to reach him, but gets trapped in the girls’ locker room.


Everything goes along great until Willow forces Liv to ask Artie herself during the dance.

Liv And Maddie Season 1 Episode 20 Song A Rooney

Prior to delivering the letter, Liv is comforted by the consideration of Maddie’s feelings when Liv first left for Hollywood and both share the memories of that interaction.

Against Maddie’s wishes, Liv texts it to the whole school. Search for ” Song-A-Rooney ” on Amazon.

Meanwhile, Joey tries to get his stand-up comedy off the ground. Parker struggles to fit in after his classmates give him a hard time, but Joey, as Falcon, tells the students to give Parker a chance and suddenly becomes the “cool” one at the school. Joey hits an impossible shot to win a game of yoll against Maddie, then promptly retires from all competition against her, infuriating her into tricking Joey into a game of filling in the periodic table which was a disguise for a tic-tac-toe board.

Unfortunately, Diggie says no. Maddie realizes how fill Josh is so takes him back to where they had their first date – the Steven’s Point stadium – where they meet baseball legend, Brandon Crawford, who is also revealed to be a big fan of Josh’s show, Voltage.

Reggie becomes Parker’s friend again after he helps him beat Maddie in a game of basketball with rocket shoes, once he realized she was far wnd controlling than Parker. Following the events of “Champ-a-Rooney”, Maddie comes to see Diggie, but he is nowhere to be found. While trying to get Liv to sign some Voltage junk to make money, Joey ,addie drops a bowling ball on Liv’s foot and she breaks her toe. Retrieved December 8, Kali Rocha as Karen Rooney.

In the end, Liv finishes shooting a sneak-peak of Voltage and the Rooney family watches it together and is amazed ffull Liv’s performance. Meanwhile, Parker and Joey use an amulet to clone themselves, but when Joey drops it in hummusit halts his cloning process, turning his clone into a moron. Season 1 Episode