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But, specifically, the relationship between Astrid and Walter was really different because Olivia was more his confidant, his caretaker. I think that this Astrid has taken that for granted because, you know, you never know what other direction your life could have gone down. But it would have been impossible to do those scenes successfully without having support from the other actors and the crew members on set. Also, because she speaks so quickly that I have to know my lines like, backwards and forwards because she spits it out really, really, like spitfire quick. Top 10 Sci-Fi Movies Tag: So she’s the most fun and the most challenging, actually. I think that the biggest challenge that I went through was this season, actually, when we started this new timeline. But Alternate-Astrid is looking for solace.

Thank you so much. Then she meets this woman that looks just like her, that could’ve had the exact same life as her and did not. As crazy and dysfunctional as her work family is, it is a family, and that is of great significance to her,” said Nicole. So it was emotional on a lot of different levels. But he had this familiarity with her. So that, I think, opens up her eyes a little bit to let her realize how fortunate she is to have these people in her life. Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Fringe’s Jasika Nicole Talks Show’s First Astrid-centric Episode!

Thank you so much. And I’d astrir to see another Broyles episode, and I think we should do a full-on Nina episode. But Alternate-Astrid is looking for solace. It’s a really lovely story about Astrid [and alt-Astrid] meeting each other. She has Asperger’s syndrome.


How Astrid’s long-awaited Fringe alt-episode changed everything | SYFY WIRE

So I probably misworded that. Fox has released a behind-the-scenes video that features interviews from the cast, including Astrid herself, Jasika Nicole.

And I absolutely love that. Walter’s trusted lab assistant and right-hand woman will finally get her time to shine. Frige it was truly an ensemble piece with all the crew and the cast members.

And so, to try and maintain that level of connection to what these characters are feeling for hours and hours and hours was really exhausting. So it was emotional on a lot of different levels,” she said. I never really had a chance to discover that, at least not with this show. Top 10 Comic Book Movies Tag: By submitting your information, you agree to our Privacy Epksode and Terms and Conditions. So seeing this, Alternate-Astrid has probably given her a little bit more insight into how fortunate she has been and lucky that she is to have the people around her that she does.

It was totally—and you know what? So, it just took us all day long. I was wondering if you had any thoughts about why that might be? Thank you very much. Not only because it is a really heartbreaking story that is being told with the two Astrids which is about, you e;isode, family and loss, and having regrets and feeling confident in who you are and not being able to take that away. For the actress, whose character is a fan favorite, taking on the episode was exciting, exhausting and made her cry.

Fringe episodde a musical! So as you are going cenyric, you know, the show has been going for a long time and switched up a lot at different times. So, when Eepisode finally got it, it was a little bit overwhelming. So it’s really, really difficult to play her. Skip to main content. Watch Artists Sketch Centtic Top 10 Horror Movies Tag: So that was like tiny little glimpse into Alt-Astrid outside of her work zone.


I think the difference between the relationship with Astrid and Walter was a little bit sad for me to part with.

So he treats her with a different kind of energy and I think that she totally picked up on that. And what does spending time with Alt-Astrid do for our Astrid?

We do have a couple more coming up which is really awesome, and maybe even more for the rest of the season. The stuff that like freezes everything? So what would normally take us maybe four or five hours to complete took us about eight or ten hours because we had to do it twice essentially. But interestingly enough, the reason that Cnetric does come to this universe is for selfish reasons; not in a negative way necessarily. And it’s because she’s so stiff in her movements, and she’s just got these mannerisms that I don’t have, and my body is not used to them.