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News Videos Interviews Events. Full Cast and Crew. Breathtaking, fantastic and inspiring short film which explores the theme of love through expressive figure drawings and contemporary dance. Supervenus is a proof that, to make a good animated film, you don’t need much money, many special effects, much cuteness or any CGI. How do you feel about the cosmetic surgery industry as a whole? The message is strong, powerful and clear despite no words being uttered.

This unattainable norm is here to attract people in order to sell them lipstick, shoes, boobs, dreams or whatever you could buy to fit yourself into this strange idea of beauty. Just at the right time when the animation was done, I randomly met a sound designer, Vandy Roc. Who says a woman should change her figure to be beautiful? Women are the main target of a huge and lucrative beauty business. Full Cast and Crew. The short becomes a bit gory the more it advances, so beware.

I just bought a few surgical tools, and a small green cardboard to make a homemade green screen in order to record my hands. The short becomes a bit gory the more it advances, so beware.

frédéric doazan cosmetically concocts a surgically enhanced supervenus

So I wanted to use the cut-out style mixed with the full control of a 2D computer animation. So I thought it was interesting to start with this standard illustration and evolve towards something terrible, like a new standard.

Besides the pain of the surgery, many cases involved breast implants exploding, degenerating into cancer and even causing death. If you belong to the new generation of women who believe that having a normal body is the source of your insecurities, and that turning you into plastic container is the solution to your poor self-image, this short is not for you, clearly.


You just need to see how women are represented on TV, in magazines, advertising, fashion. The god-like hands manipulating and changing the model make an accurate but sinister point about how external influences can force us to change our bodies.

Psychologically, well, it must be so strange to daozan up after a surgery and not recognize yourself.

frédéric doazan cosmetically concocts a surgically enhanced supervenus

I was just playing spontaneously in Photoshop, enjoying it, trying things. If you are a woman you will certainly relate to the short. When you see these images everyday and everywhere, there is an obvious impact on people, like a vicious brainwashing. A man prepares and goes to work in a bizarre world, where the meaning of human workforce is taken to another level. I really like the cut-out style of animation that you used. What was the original inspiration for creating Supervenus? With news, interview, festival reports, videos and events, Cineuropa Short aims at promoting the European Short film industry and its creators throughout the world.

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Search for ” Supervenus ” on Amazon. Using real images the surgeon’s hands and traditional animation, the technique used is impressive and truly effective, without losing the contradiction between them at any moment.

It came pretty quickly. Their naivety is quickly dropped when the surgery begins, getting more and more disturbing as the retouches to the body get more extreme. Your body becomes akin to a showcase that you try to promote to the world.

Who says a woman should change her figure to be beautiful? Our mission Partners Our team News feeds cineuropa.

I ended up with more than layers in the end! Besides breast implants, liposuction, lifting, and botox, I discovered that you can stretch your legs to be taller, remove your ribs for a smaller waist, adapt your feet to fit your shoes, sipervenus even design your vagina. Without a doubt, the concept and the standards of beauty have changed throughout the years, and what used to be generally accepted, has evolved in our modern societies.


Audible Download Audio Books. In a way, it inspired 12fps the name 12fps is based on our first names: A clean, thin and busty body, forever young led by a pinky plastic brain. The story of a Kiwi who spends his roazan life working towards achieving his dream.

Previous article Next article. The Backwater Gospel There’s a Man in the Woods frsderic A short film describing the essence of the diagnosis of multiple personality. From start to finish, it took me 10 months to complete it. I guess we will do something special for the final supervens, like inviting a bunch of animators to participate.

Similar to a timelapse, I made screenshots during all my work on Photoshop to document the process. And it makes sense when you talk about cosmetic surgery. This atrocious surgery looks shocking when the film starts, as the animation features some innocent-looking paper dolls. Skwigly Animation In our latest podcast featuring special guests elbooga and Nuria G. OR Find articles by a specific writer.

There is always a bit of blood, explosions, deaths.