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This article possibly contains original research. Toadblatt is a large, humanoid toad wearing a purple wizard’s robe. The chemistry of these two characters is so perfect and makes the episode so hilarious that I nearly fell over the couch laughing the first time I had seen this. However, many characters, especially Billy, carelessly say his name with disastrous consequences. Billy frequently beats him with blunt objects. Snuggles has brown fur and black spots on his back. Tom Kenny was asked for the role of Billy, but he declined. This article needs additional citations for verification.

In Mandy’s case, although they both share the same cold-hearted cynical and misanthropic view of humanity and apathy for the welfare of Billy and other characters, Grim tends to dislike her more than Billy due to her abusive, cruel and disrespectful actions towards him. Being constantly frustrated by his inability to scare modern-day children he blames cartoons, video games and for some reason, the tuba , Boogey visits Grim in the episode Bully Boogie. Voiced by Richard Horvitz. Fred’s name may be a play on the name Fred Freiburger , a producer of several s television programs. He later takes his anger out on Skarr because he believed that Skarr was the one who did it. He also appears to be a singer and guitarist. Being very self-important, Mindy snubs her peers and possesses a powerful competitive edge.

She is prone to small fits of insanity and obsessive-compulsive episodes. Angry at Boogey, Grim grabs the scythe and attacks him in a horrifying display. Dick is Irwin’s father. While all of the jurors are quiet and attentive, Fred keeps speaking whatever is on his mind, whether it’s asking to use the bathroom, asking when they get “hammer thingies” gavelsor who the characters are in Billy’s flashback story as he’s telling it.

With Mandy’s help, he finally manages to scare Billy into loving him. Despite this, Mandy is seen to crack an evil sneer at the end of a few episodes, such as when she becomes the only person left on Earth, and after winning the contest which gave her a servant in Grim.

It is possible that she has passed on her mental instability to her son Billy who has shown similar outbursts of rage and insanity. Toadblatt is a large, humanoid toad wearing a purple wizard’s robe. You will no doubt have the song on repeat in your head all day after watching this episode, and you will either hate it because of the earworm and of its campy nature, or love it because of its humor and recite it to your friends.

Although generally good-natured, he has occasional fits of stubbornness, violence, and rage, which shows insanity that even Mandy seems to fear. His adaptation to daily life also leads him to neglect his duties as a Master of the Underworld and, eventually, not even care about who uses his enormously powerful scythe, seeing as how it is constantly stolen.


In one episode of the series, Mr.

GAoBaM Be A-Fred, Be Very A-Fred

Jeff the Spider voice Dee Bradley Baker Once in a while he is seen scolding Irwin when he thinks Irwin did something disrespectful or rude, but is more often seen doing something nice with Irwin like going to a baseball game or on a picnic.

She considers Grim a constant threat to her son’s safety. He is a husky boy whose preferred method of terrorizing other kids is by administering his lethal wedgies.

Billy’s elderly pet hamster who is seven years old “like a gillion in hamster years”, Billy claims.

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She delights in causing all kinds of chaos, and does a multitude of destructive things. March Learn how and when to remove this template frddburger. It’s unknown what happened with he after this. Oddly though she keeps Billy as her companion and makes clones of him whenever he is killed accidentally due to his stupidity. Fred Fredburger is a dimwitted, pale green, bipedal furry otherworldly creature resembling an elephant with stubby horns and the tail of a devil.

They were set to appear in the unmade Underfist: Later in the series, it is implied that he holds mild romantic affections for Mandy. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Supposedly, he has no full, but was raised by wolves. However, he recovers his memory in the videogamebut later, he loses his memory again.

Snuggles escapes by breaking Milkshakes’ teeth, followed immediately by a fourth wall break courtesy of Billy saying, “What? Among these are his military outfit and a large picture of himself with Hector and Ghastly. Snuggles saved Milkshakes, but Milkshakes eats him anyway. In one episode, it was revealed that Irwin’s mother is a mummy as is his maternal grandfather and that his paternal grandfather on his father’s side of the family is the bloodthirsty Dracula, who is married to Irwin’s saucy paternal grandmother Tanya.

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He is madly head-over-heels in love with Eris. She is also Dracula’s wife. He also appears to be a singer and guitarist. He drools a lot, thus his name. Gladys has reddish-orange hair and is usually seen wearing a floor-length, lavender dress.

In another episode after Irwin’s mummy grandpa shows up to commission a pyramid for his grandson, Irwin first agrees to it because of impressing Mandy, but later gives in to it after developing a very strong taste for power. Mindy seems to be pampered by her unseen father, the benefactor who she credits with giving her expensive, high-quality presents and material gifts. Boogey is, in fact, the Boogeyman himself, and can shapeshift in order to scare people. Ironically, it is the same dimension to which he sent Billy, one filled with spiny frsdburger and a creature similar to the plants.


William “Billy” is an 8-year-old boy who has an extremely low IQ of -5, a sign dull intellectual disabilityhaving been outperformed by a shovel and two candy bracelets on an IQ test. In his first appearances he distrusts Grim, but this dissipates as the series progresses. Another element to the show is how characters from Grim’s past often show up and often take revenge on him for what he had done to them.

Full Cast and Crew. He attempts to cheat in the Grim Reaper election by stuffing the ballot box, but Grim catches him and tries to undo what he’s done. In Keeper Of The Reaperhe did state in court that when Mandy was born, wolves came and tried to take her as their own, but he sometimes wonders if they were right to stop them.

However, he lives in a house and is a next-door neighbor and a good friend of Billy. Like his father, he has the power to shapeshift and most of the fu,l he appears in the form of a kid who rejected his offer of friendship when he first came to the surface.

Nergal Junior is the son of Nergal and Billy’s aunt Sis. He is often overconfident and holds a deluded self-image, often taking credit frednurger things he did not do like Mandy’s sabotage of rival house Gunderstank’s efforts of winning the house championship. Keeper of the Reaper 13 Jan 8. Erisbased on the Greek deity of the same namehere is portrayed as a curvaceous and beautiful, but vindictive, blonde woman with a gap in her teeth.

Despite his physical strength, he is frightened of Mandy because of her toughness and cynical attitude. Gladys is Billy’s mother and Harold’s wife. Not much else is known about him because he does not appear in the series often. Mindy is the queen bee of the school attended by all of the child characters featured in the program and is always shown ffull her school clothes regardless of fredburer outside of school.