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K1ck wins Split at Lisboa Games Week. There, he met xiaOt in the semifinals taking him out to reach the final. In beating MMA and Bomber twice including in the finals and Violet and MaSa , the Protoss Archon made prolific use of the Adept, a very powerful unit at the time, which has been nerfed in the following LotV beta patches. He would drop down to Code A for the rest of the season. During group selections, he confidently picked Mvp and stated that he wanted to defeat the IM champions. In the third place match, he came back from a disadvantage to beat Last 4 to 3, and take a third — third place in four months.

Such as Sports evolved and became a worldwide phenomena, the Electronic Sports are on that route and gathering support at a faster pace. Pool B Grp S. In the championship bracket, he won against Polt but was defeated by the foreigner Protoss NaNiwa , finishing 9th. He was particularly notable in episode 7 which also featured MarineKing , then known as Clare where he excelled at emulating a dance move performed by K-Pop group Kara and showed off his karaoke rap talents while performing Loner by Outsider. Connecting Professional E-sports 1. Copenhagen Games StarCraft 2 Challenge. He lost and was sent to the Loser’s Bracket. North American Star League Season 1.

He had another chance to end his major championship drought in the Season 3 Europe Premier League as he reached the finals, but instead, MMA ended his own drought with a win after taking the first three games.


MC would Sound to secure first place at the event, and his first tournament win in 10 months. He would drop down to Code A for the rest of the season. This trip was not as successful as previous journeys as he lost to Bomber in the DreamHack quarterfinals, and was knocked out of the HomeStory Cup Upper Bracket again at quarterfinals by NaNiwa and then lost again in the Lower Bracket Finals to HuK and finished third overall.

His plans backfired when he was defeated in the group stages 0—2. North American Star League Season 1. He had to play against Genius and lost in a clean sweep, but remained his Code S spot for getting into the Round of 8. There he lost to HongUn.

MC defeated him and performed a Murloc ceremony. Though he appears to have lost some of his killer all-in abilities in HotS, he has shown stronger late game play, being able to snowball early-game advantages into victory more often.


Jang Min Chul is one of the best performing Protoss players in the world, with two GSL titles and one second place finish to his name. He was able to advance onto the Round of 16 with the score of but in the Round of 16, he was not successful, losing twice to sC and only winning the losers’ match.

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Team Liquid then writes up a farewell article for MC. From Liquipedia StarCraft 2 Wiki. This time he was able to get out of his Up and Mastera group, beating both Brood War star players Flash and Jaedong in the process.

BJ Destruction Match Season 2. However, sexson was a consolation prize waiting for him, as he accepted the Protoss Player of the Year award just before the finals. From there, he showed growth and the return of the killer instinct that had marked his initial rise.

There, he met xiaOt in the semifinals taking him out to reach the final. During season 1, he was knocked out by Polt in the round of In the playoffs bracket, he would face Nerchio first whom Sewson quickly took out K1ck eSports Club is a legal and registered eSports brand with over awards that originated from a Multigaming Club. This set up a rematch with MMA in the finals, and after they split the first four games, MC showed improved macro before landing two killing blows – a mass High Templar flank in Game 5 that swung the game’s decisive engagement and deflecting MMA’s large main drop in Game 6 and decisively countering.

On April the 18th we will draw the 5 gift cards, each one for a different lucky winner.

MC’s 2 base play in this period is very powerful. He defeated LoveCD in the final to win the tournament. He had to rematch Mvp but eventually was eliminated by him, losing for a 6th place finish.

Once again he took first place in an international tournament, sweeping runner-up Kas and dropping only a single game to MorroW. Licenses for other media varies. There he would easily advance going in his group and placing first, gaining his spot in Code S again.

IrOn Overview Results Rivalries. MC announced his retirement via Twitter on June 18, He uses his mechanics to surgically pull his opponents apart with an aggressive style that involves constant pressure and mastefs, though he also wields a fearsome late-game macro style against those players that can survive his initial pressure.


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At the beginning ofMC returned to Europe under the SK Gaming banner, [10] to play in HomeStory Cup IV where he would place first fragbjte his group with a score of in the first group stage to move on to the next, where he end up second in is group losing mastegs to MarineKing. He stayed in Europe to play at IEM Season VII — Colognehe made it out of his group at the second place and beat Kas in the round of 12, but was destroyed once again by Nerchio in the round of 8. Dressed as the Undertaker, the legendary WWE wrestler, for the Round of 16 group nomination ceremony for the OnGameNet Starleague Season 1and even borrowed his entrance, complete with a coffin, Undertaker’s entrance music and similar lighting seaosn smoke.

He dominated July in the finals to become the first multiple-time champion, with the defining moments including two borderline bad manner moments. He then defeated jjakji by the same score with the highlights including a Colossus amsters that puCK had used in the past that MC parlayed into a 4-Colossus build and a proxy Stargate producing Oracles that decisively punished jjakji’s Command Center-first opening in Game 4 and allowed him to take the series.


First, he masetrs StarDust in the quarterfinals after a proxy Stargate producing an Oracle forced StarDust into a defensive mistake and allowed him to move in. Compared to his Season 1 results, MC had a much more impressive run. MC would take his first loss in the semifinals but ultimately win the match-up against San, taking the series Danawa Cup YGosu Invitational.

Unfortunately for him, he was swept by Seed in the finals, in a one-sided pvp series.