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How is recruitment into the foreign service like? When did you marry? While rearing my children I experienced difficulties because we were moving from one country to another. They come to say hi to me once in a while. My children do more of visiting now. Look at the girl who plays my daughter..

Look at the girl who plays my daughter.. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply. So, anybody who wants to represent us should do it rightly. You must show what you can offer to earn a place. That is a very good question. If they look back now they will be fulfilled. When it comes to diplomatic service, you start at a lower level which is from 3rd Secretary and one would rise to 2nd Secretary and then 1st Secretary Councillor to Minister counsel, to a Minister and then Ambassador. When did you become an Ambassador?

Seriously, I was looking up to 70 because I had to consider many factors.

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I found myself in the foreign service because the Biafrans just left the Foreign service then I had become a Junior diplomat, I was sent to Senegal where I spent 4 years, afterwhich I was brought back to Lagos. As you can see we are waxing stronger everyday. While rearing my children I experienced difficulties because we were moving from one country to another.


They sent me and 21 foreign officers to the home services.

What would you like to be remembered for? Let me tell you something, ever since we married she has never worked. Let’s get in touch. Had amazing cinematographers and art directors who spoke Spanish on set and felt like such a chill and open community of artists. Scroll or use arrow keys to navigate the site.

Tell us how was the proposal like, did you kneel before her? How many years did you court your wife? I joined the Foreign Service in after I left the University.

I went with a friend to Anglican Grammar School Abeokutawe met and courtship started.

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Myself and my elder brother who died at 87, 2 years ago, just as my mother died at I have friends I introduced to diplomacy. Since I met her, her love and thought has never left my mind. Simply put I yooruba been a very successful diplomat. Where did you meet her?

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I got to play Ronke, this modest girl who comes to an awakening within herself and it was quite the experience…. Fill us in into your educational background? My wife is a good woman, I would love to have her over and over again.


When did you marry? We do not recruit based on your degree in diplomacy. It is because of the resemblance in name.

Her beauty, she was very beautiful. Really lovely times with wonderful people. So, anybody who wants to represent us should do it rightly. When did you become an Ambassador? What are your post 80 years plans? Tell us about your siblings?

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Their education was badly hit. I retired there in after spending 35 years in service. Would you like to attain the age of ? I graduated with second class upper insame year was when I got recruited yoruha the foreign service.

Booked the role as a supportive yet realistic girlfriend in this super cool virtual reality shoot. From there, the next point of call was Londonthat was where I worked hardest in my life.

Our mother gave birth to just two of us. Send Us News, Gist, more We recruit based on your developed minds.