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Him sitting in a car being towed. He asks what kind of man she likes: I think his acting and looks for this drama are great. They’ve been together for so long so naturally he’d form a strong love for the Crown Princess. You faked the nice act to take care of the amnesiac, aiming for a big reward. So what does he do? They may have a rough start, but they thrive in the end. Lee Gak is just so adorable and charming in his own way

I appreciate your comments, but let me explain: I kind of like Ondubu April 20, at She looks so pretty in it! Please enter your username or email address. Read and leave comments Comment Policy – Stay on topic and do not spam. Bagaimanapun, langkah-langkah telah ditata. Hope things out better for her soon!

He never appealed to me before, klrea I certainly am getting it now. You’re reading the news with potential spoilersmake them spoiler freedismiss.

Yi Gak replies in kind: Thank you Thank you for the Recaps! Sign upWhy?

“The Rooftop Prince” mystery around Han Ji-min @ HanCinema :: The Korean Movie and Drama Database

Jadi untuk beberapa saat, aku merasa blank. On to the next couple of eps! I thought her questions and comments were valid.

I was thinking Parkha could just get her American friend to say she got the postcard anonymously, but then who would remember something like that. Here’s what the website says about them: But the writer kprea skip that becos Lee Gak have to pretend to be Taeyong so he can find the truth about his princess.


“The Rooftop Prince” mystery around Han Ji-min

I’ll have to watch the ep itself for context, I guess. They may have a rough start, but they thrive in the end. Then are you planning to go on your date looking like that?

It was only an fotto. Christy April 19, at 4: Viewers will be hypnotized as each mystery in revealed”. Him sitting in a car being towed. That is cluman it belongs here. Of course, I still feel very sorry for Park-ha.

So far he is doing his job very well. It ruin the uniqueness and the out of box of this drama. Thank you very much for the early recap. Arguments are welcome, fights are not. She urges Se-na to give it a shot, while Tae-mu looks stricken. Thanks roftop the response!! Lol the last part.

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Yi Gak adds about ten crates of yogurt drinks, and brandishes his princs black card that buys everything. Pull back to reveal: So Park-ha excuses herself, telling him she had a great time but has to leave. Rooftoop to the next two epis!! Tae Yong drew her picture from afar and sent the postcard for her to meet him the next day.


In fact, she’s paying a high price coz she obviously can’t claim her spot as the Crown Princess after that since well.

Also each ep I dislike Se Na more and more. Getting tired of the chaebol family – even the funny moments are ruined when they play this so cliche and annoying move plot.

Oh wow, I totally didn’t notice those things before. I don’t know about what actually goes on in other cultures and in Korea, too, for that matterpince Filipino dramas also have a lot of slapping going on. Aw, fierce warrior puppy has a crush. I think it was more of the perceived intelligence which actually was the sister not the Crown Princess. Mama J April 19, at