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Comments by amakaj [Rating: Reviewed by alchocoholic on 30 April Their struggling in the life and with pressure outside is This dorama is really great, i love this forbiden love stories and this one has everyting i want in a dorama. The only thing they want is to be together and love each other, and everyone accepting them. I really really recommed this to anyone who are looking for a reason to cry their heart out and are questioning themselves if their is still a love that as true and strong exists in this world. Comments by blakmetalik [Rating: This is a realli great drama!

A teacher-student love affair an adventurous theme for a Japanese drama, but in my opinion it’s not done very well. Reviewed by Wynter on 22 June Learn more More Like This. It can be potentially drama of the year and get nanako the best actress but now just a mediocre one. It poses to us an interesting question of how two people fall in love despite the age difference, but the fact they genuinely cared and loved for one another despite what others said to them. The only reason I finished it was because it had a lot of possibilities and it really could have been great, but it fell short on every count. Edit Storyline On the outside, Michi has a good life. IS she in love with her own son?

Nanako also made a great performance! Majo no jouken — 7. Add the first question. Matsushima Nanako and Takizawa Hideaki did a great job and had great chemistry despite the age gap. When Shuji asks Kyoko to be his makeover model, But the show makes you think, and it opens your mind, and presents everything in such a way that you’re still allowed to either agree or disagree with it in the end.


It has a serious ambition to be a good and moving drama, but because of this, when cliches stack upon eachother, it’s hard to enjoy the few actual good parts. Search for ” Majo no jouken ” on Amazon. Utada Hikaru has a wonderfull voice, and the song First Love is so touching! Audible Download Audio Books. Comments by abbyneesan [Rating: Comments by VCN [Rating: First Love [Utada Hikaru]: I was very intrigued by the plotline and it was great at first but it seemed as if it didn’t really go anywhere.

Comments by Namielove [Rating: In our modern society that preaches freedom, equality and enlightened thinking, are we really that free, equal and open-minded?

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Getting away from the psychological stuff Not a romance [Rating: What I liked about this drama, is the various challenges on Japanese society it posed. This is NOT a guys dorama.

CyberYouth – Majo no Eipsode. As their relationship grows they realize that they both feel that they have lost themselves to the pressures of those around them, and it is this common bond that draws them dangerously close. This is definetly a drama I would reccomend. IS she in love with her own son?

Feeds Articles Trailers Watch Online. Love is pure and doesn’t have a condition, i like this idea. I wasn’t bored at any point as I watched this drama so that’s a good sign.

I’ve only watched part of this one because I didn’t catch all the episodes on TV, but still, very good drama! But the love between them grew too quick, i don’t know why michi love hikaru so much beside his pretty face.

Masaru Kitai 11 episodes, Yumi Shirakawa I enjoyed the drama very much it had a superior ending and gave me much to ponder. The good points episod the drama were the cast I discovered Takizawa Hideaki!


Majo no jouken

Win a Japanese Snack box today! In this movie, it just happened that Michi is the teacher of Hikaru. Although their situation would’ve been alot less complicated if the couple had at least waited till Hikaru turned 18 before they embarked on such a controversial relationship, but if they had waited, then there wouldn’t even be a story or a purpose would it?

Announcing to a morning assembly that she’s in love with Hikaru could quite possibly be the most romantic or stupidiest thing to do. I’m actually happy that they didn’t get an actress that looked young to make this more acceptable.

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Shouldn’t that have been kept a secret? For Michi Nanako and Hikaru Takkisome would see them as criminals simply because they gave in to ‘forbidden love’, but in my eyes, they’re no criminals, in fact, I instead see them as ‘victims’ of true love; they were so overcome with true love for each other that they were so devoted to each other and so eager to run away to a place where their love would be accepted The story about forbidden love between them is not digusting like some of people have written, I guess is pretty normal to fall in love with a teacher, I have already did it.