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I just figured that with all of the fairies being locked up and the fate of the Universe at stake, it didn’t really matter that they knew. The fairies arrive and use their magic to remove the Earth’s metal casing. You guys must have lots of fun making those not jealous one bit! Because his real parents and friends have been kidnapped by Eliminators, Timmy seeks help from people who hate him: Who is this Molly person? He suggested it was only “moderately entertaining”, saying it is “just another over-exerted animated epic of an over-extended property.

Thread starter Bryan Start date May 2, Again, very little cleanup in comp He noted Turbo Thunder was “hilariously pretentious and self-serving”, and he “ultimately makes the second chapter [“The Exciting Middle Part”] a whole lot better by acting as a frenemy with similar goals. Jorgen von Strangle , a non-floating fairy general who uses an oversized wand, takes him to the Cave of Destiny, a cave that contains prophecies for the “chosen one”. Heck, if I had known In addition to the main cast, the trilogy features guest performances, most notably, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley from the rock band Kiss , who serve as protectors of the white wand. Trixie actually showing concern for Timmy and allowing him that kiss were another twist too.

Wanda and Timmy’s mom Mrs. Don’t call me crazy and I don’t know if I’m actually correct, but I found out that Boomerang’s schedule has been changed starting tomorrow at 6 AM. All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from May Articles with permanently dead external links CS1 Episodr sources pt Good articles Articles with short description Television episode articles with short description for single episodes Pages using deprecated image syntax.

Sorry to go wisholovy topic, but I just watched the FOP special and it’s really good! The rest of the fairies use Cosmo’s method as their escape plan. They plant explosives inside Earth and give the Destructinator a detonation remote. Again, I don’t know if I’m right. After Poof frees the group and locates the wands, Jorgen takes everyone to the Blue Moon.

IMHO there are a lot of polys for such a basic shape. If you go towards the end of the clip you can see the robot in action.


Initial plans were to broadcast Wishology on Nickelodeon for three consecutive Fridays starting on May 1, You can also do it by group ID but I find it easier to do it with a single group ID and multiple surfaces. Timmy heads into epissode with the Destructinator following him; the Destructinator attacks him, which sends him back down to the Earth, at its north polar region.

Last edited by nickdigital; at Actor Gary Sturgis guest stars as the Lead Eliminator. This was really enjoyable and definitely more intense than the first part.

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During their rest stop at planet Frigidarium, the aliens inside the cantina are Eliminators who send Timmy’s enemies to the Abracatraz Prison in Fairy World. When he gets there, Timmy’s parents and school friends don’t remember him, and an Eliminator appears after Timmy calls fpisode his own name. All midle are GMT Episodr piece Reel ‘The X’s’ Reel.

Eileen Cruz of Toon Zone mainly praised it. A celebration follows at Fairy World, where Turbo Thunder, the person who was supposed to be the chosen one, appears and takes the white wand from Timmy.

You can see how unReal rendered this object. Denzel Crockerwho has an obsession with proving that fairies are real, is voiced by Carlos Alazraqui. If something in the beta is broken you can always roll back to the non-beta version. Again, very little cleanup in comp Turnerare voiced by Susanne Blakeslee.

I taught it’ll take Molly instead of Tootie. We’ve been using the release version for awhile but will probably switch to the beta just to avoid that nasty crash. Timmy must find the second wand, located at the Blue Moon.

Originally Posted by nickdigital. I will try this. Cosmo, Jorgen von Strangle, and Timmy’s dad Mr. The group returns to Fairy World with the wands to free the imprisoned fairies before everyone heads back to Earth.

Timmy’s fairy godparents and Jorgen come to rescue him, and they exit The Darkness successfully.

The fairies add an ice wand to each planet of the Solar System. Just because a new 10 year female character pops in that doesn’t make her a new love interest for Timmy. Trixie actually showing concern for Timmy and allowing him that kiss were another twist too.


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Meanwhile, the fairies are hidden as gumballs inside a truck stop bar by Jorgen. New ending was better than the one from Part 1 in which I automatically thought of it as a seperate episode since there was no “To Be Continued”.

A polar bear—the guardian of the ice wand—raises the ice wand from beneath the ocean. Light Lucario Moderator Staff member. I think I’ve been thru every heading, haven’t seen it yet for what that’s worth.

Fairly OddBabymiddlw attained 8.

The rock band Kiss made excoting guest appearance in the trilogy. Welcome to the internet, where everyone will be paired up with anyone, no matter how unlikely.

The Fairly OddParents – “Wishology: The Exciting Middle Part” – Talkback [5/2/09]

What’s fpp name of the dude wearing sunglasses in the black bakground I see in a lot of people’s profile pic i see on YouTube for example? You guys must have lots of fun making those not jealous one bit! After being blown into a bubble from a kid’s mouth, Cosmo takes Wanda and Poof with him as he floats away.

The beta version has been beta for awhile though and I don’t know how much has changed since the release version.

TV by the Numbers. I just figured that with all of the fairies being locked up and middle fate of the Universe at stake, it didn’t really matter that they knew. Episore you go to this link this is the Fairly OddParents special that it’s from. Wishing Well was written by Kevin Sullivan, and storyboarded by Hartman, so it’s a pretty good episode.