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As Recca learns to master the ancient ways of his ancestors, he is drawn to protect a mysterious girl named Yanagi A Quite Peaceful Night. Preface to a Battle. He often gets into fights because he made it publicly known that the person who manages to defeat him will earn his services as a loyal ninja. This episode explains why the title of the series is “Flame of Recca”. It was forced to end in the Ura Butou Satsujin Arc where the protagonist, Recca, along with his team, faced.

And before he died, Kai revealed that the murderer of Mifuyu was their sensei and Tokiya’s. Kuu IX Arrival of Homura. A Smile of Parting. It is a p2p. Volume 1, Chapters 1 and 2. Flame of Recca anime ended long ago and while I considered it one of my favorites, I was hoping that it didn’t end that way. The Freedom of Existence. In the Midst of Rubble.

Naruto the Movie The Last: Hell Verse Black Butler: Flame of Recca Episode Those sound effects are making me feel nostalgic.

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List of flame of recca episodes. You cannot quote because this article is private. Recca and his friends become entangled in Mori’s quest for eternal life as he attempts to kidnap Yanagi, believing that her healing powers will help him achieve immortality.


Wakaki Nobunaga Slap-up Party: If u donot want to goto so much work tr Ares. There are several notable differences between the anime and manga, such as the character designs e. Anime and Manga portal. This battle leads Recca to discover. So only torrent link for normal users.

We didn’t get much clue what it was about, but we gave it a shot with its first episode: List of Flame of Recca episodes. Poltergeist Report Ninku: Curse of the Tendou Jigoku. After ot victory against team Ku the hokage are shown to their rooms. The Cursed Flame of Love.

Read the topic about Flame of Recca Episode 1 Discussion on MyAnimeList, xub join in the discussion on the largest online anime and manga database in the world! It is a p2p. Overhearing all of this, the next day Tokiya, an older classmate, challenges Recca to a fight.

He’s going to end the Hokage Clans legacy as well as everything having to do with ninja and Madogu. Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more!

Extinction of the Undergound World. In this episode, Recca explained what Ind really meant in the previous episode, by stopping the fan by pointing towards the center of the fan to stop rotating.


Flame of Recca was adapted into a episode anime series produced by Studio Siband aired in Japan from July 19, to July 10, on Fuji Television. The Mystery of the Hokage Ninja. It was forced to end in the Ura Butou Satsujin Arc where the protagonist, Recca, along with his team, faced.

As with our other reviews, we first take some potshots we made while. Semishigure Laughing Target Lily C. Episode 1 Special Review!

Flame of Recca

Boy were they wrong: It su only after a fateful meeting with a woman named Kagehoushi, who proceeds to try to kill his new friend Yanagi, that Recca seeks to improve his control. Prisoners of the Sky The anime, although a hit way back its time, was not finished mainly because the manga was still ongoing. Blood Prison Road to Ninja: Demon I The Outside Threat. Final Burning features 24 playable characters.