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They classify themselves into gotras , named after the ancestor rishi and each gotra consists of different family names. The office of the Soulins is to make enquiries, and try all cases connected with the community, and to abide by the decision of the chiefs. Their origin is Dwarka , land of Lord Krishna , [2] the origin of the name date backs to the time when the ancestors of these people inhabited the Lata region of Saurashtra in southern Gujarat. The Sabha’s administration is carried out by elected Councillors and office bearers. This was called Iddada. The Saurashtrians in South India: A Pilgrimage Through Various Temples. This article incorporates text from this source, which is in the public domain.

The Saurashtrian cuisine is famous for its mixed rice dishes that includes puliyotharai tamarind rice , tomato rice with a hint of cinnamon , kalkandu sugar candy rice, sakkarai pongal [48] a dessert made of cotton seed milk [48] and lemon rice. At first, the Madurai Saurashtra Sabha was formed in the year and it was formally registered in the year with many objectives. They were aided in deciding cases by a body of nobles called Soulins. Being traditional orthodox Hindus they are very much particular in matching the horoscope of the couple. He contributed to establishing the first Gandhi Memorial Museum in Madurai. The Voyduns vaidyas and Bhoutuls pandits , joshis and kavis also ranked with Voyduns and had their honours on all important occasions, and they are placed in the same rank with the elders. University of California Press. Marriage within common gotra is strictly prohibited among them.

The Saurashtrians are of a religious bent of mind and they value morality and high character. After their settlement in Southern Indiasome of them, owing to the preachings of Sankaracharya and Ramanujacharyawere converted into Saivites and Vaishnavites respectively. They are prominently known by their unique family names and also use the titles Sharma[15] Rao[16] Iyer, [16] Iyengar and Achary [17] as their surnames but belong to linguistic minorities.


There are three group of Saurashtrians living in Tamil Nadu. He introduced free mid-day meal scheme in community owned school for the first time in the country which was later emulated by the Government of Tamil Nadu during the period of K. Politics and Social Conflict in South India: Being traditional orthodox Hindus they are very much particular in matching the horoscope of the couple. Continuity, Change, and Development: The social life of the Saurashtrians is controlled almost wholly by the Saurashtra Sabha.

When the Saurashtrians settled in the South, they reproduced the institutions of their mother country in the new land, but, owing to the influence of the Southern Dravidianssome of the institutions became extinct.

The Saurashtrians of South India. The performance of the rite signifies the belief that the life is continuous and does not end by one’s death. Kamaraj in the name of noon-meal scheme in Government schools.

The Times of India. Traditionally, joint family was a social and economic unit for them.

Saurashtra people

The Saurashtra people alternate spellings: The wedding ceremony lasted 11 days with as many as 36 rituals. First migrants came to Salem movis settled there, second group of migrants settled in Thanjavur and its surrounding places and later third group of migrants settled in Madurai and its surrounding places.

The vaduhom ceremony Sacred Thread ceremony of Saurashtrians is basically the upanayanam xourashtra. The well-to-do merchants of the community made donations to TNCC for Salt Satyagraha and welcomed any form of Swadeshi agitation which favoured Indian cloth. A Pilgrimage Through Various Temples.

Thulasiram, who led the community in Maduraiwas not born into the aristocratic family. The rites that are performed following the birth of a child are known as jathakarma. Saurashtrians have been traditionally an orthodox and closely knit community. jovie


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Vaidyanatha Iyerorganised a temple entry conference and helped the people of the depressed classes to enter Meenakshi Amman Temple. In rare cases when the sacred thread ceremony was not held in the young ages, it would be performed at the time of marriage. Today, the Saurashtrians are represented in white firdt jobs and professions in large numbers.

The Institute of Traditional Cultures Madras.

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Forest Tribology And Anthropology. The Rajputs of Saurashtra. During his tenure he brought many reforms within the community. Muzhu Varalaru in Tamil. A man may claim his maternal uncle’s daughter as his wife, and polygamy is permitted. Anthropological Survey of India.

The prominent leaders among the community arose in the late 19th century and felt the need of organizing the community. Where they have come to stay”.

Saurashtra people Saurashtrian Nobleman of 19th Century. The gotra was inherited from Guru at the time of Upanayanain ancient wourashtra, so it is a remnant of Guru-shishya tradition, but since the tradition is no longer followed, during Upanayana ceremony father acts as Guru of his mvoie, so the son inherits his father’s gotra. The Goundans were the judges in both civil and criminal affairs. During this ceremony there was much feasting and entertainment which lasted for four days.

Among other Gods they worshipped Sun God, Rama etc. Andhiyaeshti means the last or final fire.