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Tia sends photos of Obliteration taken in Houston before he destroyed that city, showing him also glowing and sitting in the same posture. Content is available under CC4 by-nc-nd unless otherwise noted. There were way too many bad puns in this book though. So goodreads lost the long review I just wrote about Firefight and I’m too exasperated to write another. David wants to join the mission, but Prof says it will take time for the Reckoners to regain trust in David, and acknowledges that David may not be ready to trust him after being used as bait. The group finds it odd that she’s turned the city into a less restricted community, turning it into more of a free haven.

Quotes will not be included in this review until well after the release date— which is tomorrow, January 6, —so go ahead and get yourself a copy. This is my favorite book in the trilogy, which is rare for a middle book! They told David it was impossible–that even the Reckoners had never killed a High Epic. Earlier this year he released Calamity , the finale of the 1 New York Times bestselling Reckoners trilogy that began with Steelheart. Dowser — A device for testing if someone is an Epic or not. Mizzy goes for her mobile but David knocks it away from her off the rooftop.

I grew up on superheroes. In addition to a new setting, we also get to meet some awesome new secondary characters.

Jan 06, Helen 2. David speculates that Regalia may be resisting the darkness and urges Prof to reconsider his plans. Cancel reply Enter your comment here View all 9 comments. David and Megan return to Babilar, and Megan says the roots from Dawnlights plants are holding up the buildings and keeping them from collapsing. She creates an illusion to disguise his wetsuit, and grows just a bit irritable, and asks David to distract her by explaining his plans, which involve kidnapping and experimenting on epics to determine their weaknesses.

David gives sandwrson account firefiggt the appearance of Calamitythe new heavenly body that precipitated the advent of the Epics. She says that David was never a Reckoner and blames Sam’s death on him. Her weakness is revealed to be Kool-Aid, which the Reckoners use to negate her powers. David lures Sourcefield into chasing him, then rides a zip-line from a balcony but ends up dropping to the street since Sourcefield blasts the zip-line.


[Review] Firefight – Brandon Sanderson | thoughts and afterthoughts.

Calamity attempts to gift David with powers, but he refuses as he had already faced his aquaphobia and is brought back down to Earth. Later, David was recovered by rescue workers, but ran away scared.

David and Megan finally embrace and kiss. David heads for their primary trap inside a building, and Sourcefield stops following, so they order some of the officers to chase Sourcefield with balloons to urge her onward. Not that impressed, tirefight hopefully the next one would be a lot better than this.

I like firefigut book that starts fast, and this book started incredibly fast. David fights Prof wearing the tensor suit, a collection of motivators that gives him all of Prof’s powers, but it’s still not enough to drive away Prof’s darkness.

David is imprisoned at the Reckoners base by Prof. David and the Babilaran refugees are in a warehouse the day after Prof rescued them. David and Megan spy on Obliteration as the Epic glows from absorbed energy.

Recaptains » Firefight by Brandon Sanderson

Many chapters ended with a frustrating one liner that compelled me to read the next. They think they can pinpoint her location by mapping out each of the points her projections have appeared and extrapolate her location based on her limited five mile range. I sort of wish I’d felt like I got to know them a little bit better than I did, but by the end I was definitely a fan of all of them — especially a girl who kind of reminds me of Leo Valdez from Rick Riordan’s Heroes of Olympus series I want a breathtaking, heart-stopping conclusionand if some thought-provoking stuff can be thrown in there too, I’d be in paradise, thank you.

David wakes up somewhat disoriented, and after passing through the atrium which seems to be under fifty feet of water above the skylight, follows distant voices to find Prof and Tia talking about Regalia.


But even together, they can’t beat Calamity. She can control large bodies of water and can see through it at any location giving her an omniscient edge. David heads for Prof and is again attacked by Regalia.

There were ordinary sales and satisfactory crowds. On the monitor, where Prof is, a similar bank of monitors appears, one of which has a map to where Regalia’s headquarters in New Jersey is.

[Review] Firefight – Brandon Sanderson

Newcago is ruled by the extremely powerful Epic named Steelheart, who has created a society run by other powerful Epics, with normal people living with normal jobs. After Sourcefield is defeated, they discover that she was sent from Babylon Restored. Nov 03, Evgeny rated it really liked firefiggt Shelves: He asks some Babilarians for directions to Finkle Crossway to where the ambush is taking place, then picks a place along the planned route to intercept the other Reckoners to warn them.

David reviews notes on the Epics as they traverse the broken landscape heading to Babilar.

Imager — A 3-D imaging device that transmits anything that a basic spynet watches or listens to inside a room. David reads some notes on Dawnslight and inquires if Exel thinks that Dawnslight is a real person, even though people worship him as a divinity.

They all board the boat and disembark towards Babilar, and Prof asks David what he knows about Regalia, but tells him not to say her name since she has the ability to spy anywhere there is standing water, and saying her name could draw her attention. Megan and David teleport to firetight house nearby, and David watches as Megan collapses and Prof flies off.


David enters Obliteration’s building and starts climbing up. Books by Brandon Sanderson. This was a very quick read.