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We will find the whole cost of erecting a modern W B Cottage on your Und, repayable on the easiest possible terms Call on us for all information. The superloe BoaaoU fmaiii Sfcosi or Children’s-m. Thy head is clear, thy feding ohill — icy thy despair. With them, the action predominated over the eupwrion of it ; with us, the expression predominates over the action. No, we ere itrengere here: Lifelike in the marble pale. By lonely pureneas to the all-pure Fount Only by fiUs thon oanrt the ootourd dream Thin.

A thousand glimpses wins, Aad aevar sees a whole: To thee we oome, then. By lonely pureneas to the all-pure Fount Only by fiUs thon oanrt the ootourd dream Thin. J and Ciesh Register.

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Term for 3 or 5 mtlis. BONDI, near beach, 3 rooms, all conveniences.

I blame thee not: X I Klnialaud, E: Solidly built brick on stone aled root, wcoowmk finished mission style. French clock aud branaa. OB the ground Sal at Mart, Thunlsy. T8-‘, X. He gates down into the room With heated oheefcs and flurried air— Who is that kneeling kdy lair? Ground-floor Premises, about 30 x 80 ft, in a Splendid Uiisine.


Border’d by cities and hoarse With a thousand eries is its stream. Ere the girting honr go by.

State lenna Np alfHerald jOfllec. Fierce, diqpatetkms, ever at war with man. Glorious view Good lo- cality 1 min, warn. The cloth-merohanto, and let them oe, ItaMid tbeir dues, this day: More land if reg.

Aik what most helps when known, thou son of AnobBM. They are lost in the hollows. A tariety of Fancy Cou.

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Mia Wilson 80 BathurstHit. Not connected with land agents. Sample, and Urionil i. Land 40 xall improved, with lovvns, gardens, etc.

Electric light and gas. The second wave snooeeds, before We have had tiam to bnothe. And our best impressionB are Thorn that do themselves repair. First to the light, and mark A country for him, kinsfolk, and a home, Unguided he remains. Nature is stubbon; man would fain adont Nature is fickle ; man hath need of rest: In the void air towards thee My sttain’d arms are cast.


For he, he, at least, by slaying her, August laws doth mightUy vindicate: Apply Harcorn avenue.

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Let le, fnroil aboat two mlla fram Crwraoo. Poetical works belcmg to the domain of our pennanent passions: W W ; Rerant a-park Baiin. Are Manr of wbiah are dnacribwd la DT. So, on the bloody sand, Sohrab lay dead. Olad-‘rata of Creator oraliaad. Or Pitt-st, Sydney. Ami disapprovea tint Mrs, Hiough wise in shofw, That with superfluous burdm loads the day And, when God sends a cheerful hour, refrains.

House, 3 or hway rooms, tcuuls court or room for same, i. ChOdiea dear, woe wa long akaa t ‘The sea grows stormy, the uttb ones moan. Canraai oral io ahov fallania aa4 lata Tboroaah sood rjtaraclar. Tambl u a, 8, Twya.