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Time travel could make us a more advanced, a more knowledgeable species. We’re trying to work out different scenarios. But who expects nuance in a Stallone outing? Does it all add up? Skip to main content. He’s in Arizona on the border.

Yes – higher ticket prices did play into this. The path taken by Hogan is to transform this tale into a black comedy. Here are some of the DVD and Blu-ray options available this week:. The crux of the story sees the year-old version of Joe played by Bruce Willis sent back to to be assassinated by his year-old self. Church also insists that Maggie Yu Nan accompany them. The rumour was that he had committed suicide following the failure of his two albums. There are simply no excuses not to see Searching For Sugar Man.

A little alpha territorial. No one cares what your ankles look like, right? I also struggled to keep up with the hot-and-cold relationship he shares with his children.

Film Review: The Expendables 2

The Expendables 2 hit American theaters on August 17, He could never write anything this good. Can they make you believe that time travel is possible and would function in a way that logically makes sense? He takes advantage of a nearby phone booth and gets an old friend Parker to pick him up and sneak him back home.

You can read my interview with star Toni Collette by clicking here. We meet new Expendable Billy the Kid Liam Hemsworth, who looks like a junior Thorwho is a sniper who gaine combat experience fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Poster Peek: ‘The Expendables 2’ / It’s Just Movies

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The catch is that Barry now needs a permanent babysitter. Selected as the opening night film of the Toronto Film Festival, Looper is a film to be seen at least once… but more likely… twice.


Then, all of a sudden, we get together and realize there is a reason we don’t get together; too many egos in the room! Toni Collette headlines a wonderful group of performances from the predominantly female cast. It was how the likes of Al Capone and Bugs Moran made millions of dollars and became such powerful gangsters. Some songs were banned from the airwaves but they still spread quickly thanks to the newly invested cassette tape. He tells the tale about how he wrote the novel just after World War II and how his French wife had accidentally lost his briefcase on a train.

Friday, March 13 First Look: There had been close tosuicides by returning Vietnam vets.

The Hunger Games actor will play a sniper in the forthcoming blockbuster sequel, though no other details of his exact role in the film have yet been revealed. Its bold vision and clever premise reminded me of Inceptionmy favourite film of There are cover-ups, police investigations, family conflicts, cheating husbands, interfering lawyers and dodgy investments.

I want to do some sequels, brother. A few subplots could have been explored more fully such as the one involving Gary Oldman as a Chicago mobster but for the most part, the strong narrative will keep you interested.

He manages to escape though and has an important plan. I want that experience. What if an individual did work out how to travel back and forth through time? Should Rory pay the old man to keep quiet? Word-for-word, he retypes every sentence on his computer and takes to a publisher for his their thoughts. Levitt also spent three hours each day in the hands of make up artists who have given his character a Willis-esque nose.


Afterlife —the fourth movie in that sci-fi series—topped the box office this weekend with franchise-breaking numbers. You might wonder how these guys were able to get away with it for so long. Welcome, Guest Login Register Be sure to register or log in to earn points for interacting with our community! Sylvester Stallone Wants Rambo 5. George Clooney and a box office win.

He had been sent from Chicago to put a stop to the illegal alcohol that was now flooding his city. The graphic depiction of the violence also gives Lawless a heavy dose of realism. Time passes and Rory and Dora eventually norris.

The Expendables take the mission, save the girl, and isn’t there always a pretty girl to save? These questions were finally answered… in the most amazing way possible! We’re trying to work out different scenarios.

He just wants to kill his older version, retire with a wad of cash and enjoy the next 30 years of his life. With just a small cut to his head, Robert makes a snap decision nirris flee the scene. Forums Gallery About Archives Contact. He instructs his daughters to tell everyone the same thing. Sort of a muscles of steel, heart of gold theme. After that, they regroup back in their New Orleans base and party.

Cold Staklone aka Zimna Wojna Review: Since Resident was the only new wide release, the other notable events occurred outside the Top Ten.