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Disperse parakande kardan,motafaregh; the high winds and rain dispersed the crowed. Impression asar,khial,khatre,ehsas; everyone left with a good impression of the play. Heroic bibak,ghahremanane; they gave a heroic effort to no avail. Me zin shop ewalaa may amiga zai kupi pan. May kloka es pet minuta baken. Ration jire,sahm,jire bandi kardan; due to a scarcity of water, a rationing plan was established. Sedey ye frosta ausen. Entire tamam,2rost,bi eyb; it was a multi faceted problem that challenged the entire student body.

Gai pon bak olo ke yu pren. Exclude mahroom kardan,rah nadadan; they excluded everyone under age 10 from the contest. Deceptive faribande,gool zanandel; the magicians deceptively made the rabbit disappear. Treasury ganj,khazane dari; the treasury was under pressure to lower interest rates. Ration jire,sahm,jire bandi kardan; due to a scarcity of water, a rationing plan was established. Expert motakhases,maher; he is fundamentally strong in his area of expertise. Dean rais daneshkade; the dean has the authority to resolve academic problem of students.

Expert motakhases,maher; he is fundamentally strong in his area of expertise. Me darfi zin ku? Me hi zwo-te se. Even zoj,mosavi,saf,hamvar; the profits were divided evenly among the investors. Advantageous sodmand, ba sarfe; he was advantageously born into a rich family.

Encompass ehate kardan,shamel bodan; the course encompasses all the literature of the nineteenth century. Crop mahsol,chidan,hasel dadan; they were able to harvest the crop before the rain. Elusive gorizan,farari,tafre zan; success has been elusive for the team. It mog bi enilok. Wen me lai a shulin, me vilm dumi om problema. Obtainable ghabel hosol,be dast avardani; the painting by whistler was not obtainable.

Buda — kwo Buddha budisma — kwo Buddhism. Haphazard etefaghi,bar hasb tasadof; it was obvious that the house was built haphazardly. Jupiter — kwo Jupiter. En-stan ba bifoo me.


Clutter darham filj nahanjar; after the hurricane, dispersed belongings cluttered the street. Unload takhlie kardan,bar khali kardan; the goods were unloaded onto the pier. Ample pahnavar,faravan,poor; there are ample perils in the sport of mountain climbing.

Offer taghdim ,pishnehad kardan,arze; new method of farming offer gigantic advantages over the old methods.

Exclusive enhesary tsbahi bast; this room is used exclusively by the faculty. Variety noe,jor va jor,gona goni; lvy is a creeping variety of plant. Amply be tor faravan; tabahhi was amply paid for the work she completed. Skyscraper boland,aseman kharash; the skyscraper dominated the skyline.

Controversial setize gar; because of its controversial nature, it was a challenge to discuss such a delicate issue. Assignment mashg,vazife; she predictably forgot do her assignment. Minute daghge, riz,jozii; some leaves are covered with minute hairs. Hay oni shwo to ke oni yao.

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Halt drang,maks kardan;the supervisor put a halt fim the tardiness of the employee. Es toy hi jen. Nu he aranji sey mita fo klok dwa. Evident badihi,ashkar; it is evident that you are not feeling. Appliance vasile,ekhtera; most appliances cannot function without electricity. Throughout sarasar,taman; the extensive snowfall caused problems throughout the city. Accurate 2rost,daghig; she was able to make accurate observation with the new telescope. Me pri vilm e lu pri gani.

Europa — kwo Europe Europa -ney — kwel European europajen — kwo European person living or originating from Europe. Frailty sosti, zafe akhlaghi; laziness is frailty of human beings. Origin mansh,mabda,asl; small particles of matter hold the keys to understanding the origin of life.


Nu he diskusi se olo aften. Evaluation sanjesh,arzyabi; Bahareh was visibly upset about his performance evaluation. Minuscule koochak,jozii,harf kochak; the sale of the building had a minuscule effect on the profits.

Amenity sazegari,molaymat,matbo; one expects many amenities at a 5-star hotel. Ambiguous mobham,2pahlo,tarik; the men received an ambiguous message from their boss.

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Relinquishment enseraf; the relinquishment of his claim to the building will allow the building to be sold. Go dar inplas me! Elicit biron keshidan, estekhraj kardan, estenbat kardan; a lawyer will elicit all the facts necessary to prove her case.

Inaccessible dastyabi napazir; the summit of the mountain was inaccessible. Dwelling maskan; cave-like dwellings have been discovered throughout the world. Immense bi andaze,pahnavar,ali; from the mountaintop you can see the immense valley. Land residan,khoshki; education will broaden your opportunities to land a good job.

Arbitrarily del khahane,mostabedane, be tor gharar dadi; the teacher arbitrarily decided to give the class a test. Currency ravaj,enteshar,pool rayej; the purchase must be paid for in the national currency. Ta bu jan nixa.

Flaw darz,ayb,kasti,tarak bardashtan,ayb dar kardan; there is a flaw in his theory. Lu plei inplas gun. Chiefly makhsosan,be tor omde; houses are made chiefly of wood tanahi.