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This is how my father was raised and he never knew how to question anything about it! My sister Nezahat Iskender preferred to stay with step mother and father and did not stay with us in the winter house. I wish I found a better way in those days instead of following my wrong opinion. I heard years later that Kamil Gobel interfered immediately and paid the ransom. If quantum computer can eliminate astronauts I can safely claim that this stupid and cruel hierarchical system has zero chance to survive! My paternal uncles and aunts always supported my father in his torture to destroy our dignity from the beginning. My father used to brainwash me to love school until he brought step mother wrath to us, but then all of sudden he shifted to brainwash me to be his hitman and tried to cut my education all my life!

A lot of people used to show their pity to my blindness in the bus and spoke to me by showing their open affection to me. I heard years later that Kamil Gobel interfered immediately and paid the ransom. I could not bear my helplessness and feel like my step mother is mocking my helplessness any more I needed to feel sense of power so l threw sticks to them and beat them until I felt that were totally equal in misery. As my brothers collectively already imposed violence on my father who already brainwashed and ordered me to shoot them in response It is obvious that everybody is operating for execution without trial in terms of violence and deception. As I was also in the divorce process besides my life time blacklisting I was stressed out and was looking for some support. My maternal grand parents were not scared of spending all their annual income of tones of hazel nuts for charities like building mosques, koran courses and roads but terribly scared that I get a tiny help of few pounds of hazel nuts! Sezai who caused this shooting incident and almost got me killed and executed it with my father so badly, did not even let me speak my opinion about it. Then my father got panicked as he was afraid that his six children riot against his new household with stepmother.

In the world of my father, normalcy was fascist misogyny, polygamy, lies, exploitation, oppression and violence.

My step mother Hayriye Ozturk actually pulled the gun on my chest and threatened that she will shoot me for fun. My father tried to kill my study and my career to reduce me to a loser insane status like my mother. When my grand mother died my father cried in her funeral complaining that she was died early for over-working. My father was violent and powerful and tortured my mother till she tried to commit suicide then he lock her up for good to get his second wife. She could never take us for a visit to our maternal grandparents Lame Mehmet and Hava.


My father thought me to be hateful against my mother by brainwashing me that my mother was insane and did not care for us therefore she was not supposed to be near us! My siblings never joined me to visit my mother and her family and reported my visits to my father to get favors for themselves and punishment for me!

I was bolder than my other siblings because I was oldest son at home and was very good in school.

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So l lived horrible experience of growing up in the same house while my mother was destroyed by abusetorture and mental house then I had early on hands on with a stick training for forced rape and animal torture from my paternal grandmother.

My father Resat Iskender hides his lifetime destructive propaganda with all grandfather Osman Cavus family targeting my mother and us. My father did this to all my siblings and created a false imagined reality and brainwashed me to ignore Islam and civil law in the same time.

My father acted only to make me his hitman since he threw away my mother and took his second wife and never cared about my own well-being and used political circumstances.

However as they started to inspect the car with the help of Mehmet Ak who was an amateur car mechanic and as they could not find a damage I rescued myself from their hands and run away!

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I accepted his duel offer and Salim drove me from Kuyumcullu village square to soccer field and parked his car and we came out and started to dance like boxers to hit and knock each other. Army banned me to use my sergant rank which I earned with highest grade and physically attacked me many times and wrongfully and intentionally jailed me many times too.

Do not forget my father and grandfather Osman Cavus enjoyed to torture me with indirebe money and hunger in their lifetimes.

Then my father got panicked as he was afraid that his six children riot against his new household with stepmother. Then I could bring my brother Sezai Iskender to Istanbul to live together for the summer but unfortunately he abandoned filk while I was interviewing to get a busboy job in a restaurant in the grand bazaar in Istanbul.

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Babamin Osman Cavus dedemin evindeki, Kuyumculluda, Kocaalide ve askerlikteki hayati onu tam kapitalist yapti. In fact all my family, Iskender clan and so called friends were running away from me to avoid my solidarity calls.


Maden Deresi brook is dead today because of gravel extraction as main reason for years. I lived in indirehe USA from till and still did not visit my village security reasons but I heard that this patriarchal misogynist ban still same even today.

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By the way I never touched indriene step mother in my life but only gave her some good answers she hated! My question to those fake friends is If you do not like my life and my justice struggle why are you still my Facebook friend?

Refik abi had lucrative construction gravel business with heavy trucks and loaders extracting a lot of gravels from Indireje Deresi Brook in Kuyumcullu. Different neighbor women brought in their unwilling young cows to my grand mother for forced rape with my expert help. Maybe as my father, uncle yunus too was mad at me as I resisted to the arrival of step 201. This constant fear and insecurity of attack from my father was real reason lying under my bed-wetting problem. If Grandfather Osman Cavus did not help my father to torture my mother and help him marty second time with his own money my life would be very different today.

I used to call my old woman roommate oldmama and she would give me Turkish delight and take me to to her warm bed in the cold winter days and she would keep me warm by hugging me. After showing off her diploma my step mother continued her cruel play with a sneaky hard knock on my nose to make me bleed like a river and then my bed-wetting started again. So my Iskender clan decided to exclude me from clan solidarity based on their conviction that l am totally insane as asking my legal right against illegal action cdza 12 September mentality and Gladio Undersecretary Ozceri.

But now l saw my father and stepmother in pigeons who always mock my helplessness. My father spent fortunes for these water pump engines and pvc pipes to sprinkle hazel nut fields! Other two fellow students were Ahmet Iskender and his younger brother Mehmet Iskender.