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Utos fropurest’as, e Monte P ‘de 5. I an, earmitlendo infinidad de’producto. Fuin Sanchez Al-ran 0a estil. W Ilegue a ser. Although the Soul is thus speechless, we are bound to recognise him as the speaker, because the senses are useless without him. Shri Krishna being fully aware of the innocence of Arjuna in this matter, theie was, as a matter of fact, no occasion what- ever for ridicule Why should he affect a smile then It was because he wished that Arjuna should feel that the smile was evoked by his sheer folly ‘ For, even the least’ consciousness of, what is called, worldly wisdom is likely to interfere very much with the true Knowledge of the Self. A rfu6 un din grande pars ellas. I nuidrun y I padriny.

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In nn mlstakable icnas. Villa Gonzalez Carvajal, I- le. An Initiate, who has not yet acquired so much control over his senses, must, before he becomes perfect, meditate constantly on the point that the senses and their objects are no other than the Self he has realized Here, a doubt having arisen in the mind of Arjuna whether a person, who avoids certain objects either because he is ifl or because he observes a fast, IS also to be classed among those whose Reason is steady, its solution is given immediately in the next verse.

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Como Be abia anunciade. He accepts his service and causes him only to perform such worship of Him, as He deems necessary for the perfect purification of his heart.

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Nacimles Up q que IF res y. It is necessary to understand action, to understand prohibited action and to understand inaction ; for abstruse is the Path of Action.

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