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First, regions of similar flood reactivity are delineated and a classification rule that enables the assignment of ungauged catchments to one of these reactivity regions is established. Hard rock aquifers are of particular importance for supplying people with drinking water in Africa and in the world. Chemical analysis of daily samples every sixth day included the measurements of organic carbon OC , elemental carbon EC , ionic species and several specific primary and secondary organic tracers such as levoglucosan, polyols, methane sulfonic acid MSA and oxalate. No evident hydrological links the transfer of water beneath the ice sheet between the Lake Vostok and Dumont D’Urville station have been found. Finally, the new method is compared with other ones found in the literature. Then, it is applied to experimental static and time-lapse ERT data set acquired before and after repair works carried out on a leaking zone of an earth-filled canal dyke in the centre of France. To this end, four experiments were carried out, related to different processing techniques and scenarios, namely differential SAR interferometry, multi aperture SAR interferometry and offset-tracking of incoherent as well as of partially-coherent data. Mean diurnal rainfall regimes over Eastern Africa also referred to as the Greater Horn of Africa are studied based on 3-hourly data from the TRMM 3B42 data set, averaged over a year period

We conclude that under conditions where melting events become more frequent in autumn, as expected under climate warming, conditions become more favorable to maintain a negative feedback among the growth of erect vegetation, snow, and soil temperature in the Arctic, rather than a positive feedback as described under colder climates. Over the north however between 7 degrees and Disaggregated Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa South American summer monsoon reconstruction over the past millennium from isotopic proxies Predicting Lake Titicaca Daily and Monthly Evaporation Scientific discovery through computational hydrology: The second paradox appeared during the subsequent period of rainfall recovery i. The results showed well identified temporal variations common to all the 5 sampling sites, covering a large fraction of France. The Hg-0 dynamic possesses a long-term memory autocorrelation function. Here, we present a novel analysis of measurements from a unique multi-station ground-based observing system which reveals new insights into continental-scale patterns associated with new particle formation.

In the last 50 years, oil extraction activities geotextilr the Northeast Amazonian Region NAR of Ecuador impacted ecosystems and may still affect the local population health.

These studies provide a wealthy dataset of hundreds of historical and palaeoflood series, whose analysis reveals a noticeable dominance of records in Europe. Spatial analysis geotextille borehole and hydrogeophysical data suggests that large-scale weathering profiles, aquifer transmissivity and storage properties are better correlated to a palaeo-weathering surface. Soil samples of mm diameter and mm height were prepared and tested in the present study.

Shearwaters are therefore likely to be passively transported by these driving forces while resting. In this study we focused on the morphological responses of gravel-bed rivers to flow and sediment source perturbation at watershed scale.

Geoteextile study suggests that the ‘dry gets drier, wet gets wetter’ paradigm is not valid within the WAF domain. Here we present observations of changes in ice flow for all glaciers in High Mountain Asia over the periodbased on one million pairs of optical satellite images. This study presents a new instrument called a lowcost albedometer LCA composed of two illuminance sensors that are used to measure in situ incident and reflected illuminance values on a daily timescale.


Finally, we investigated the impacts of the afforestation options on some features of the rainfall events, and on the atmospheric dynamics during wet and dry years. However, for the sustainability of the aerosol particle prediction activities around the globe, it is crucial that quality aerosol observations continue to be made available from different platforms space, near surface, and aircraft and freely shared. Mass wastage in the Himalaya resulted in increasing debris cover, the growth of glacial lakes and possibly decreasing ice velocities.

These changes in snow and ice melt will cause a shift in the timing of discharge maxima, as well as a transition of runoff regimes from glacial to nival and from nival to pluvial. We show that the closed-to-total porosity ratio, which is classically used for the detection of pore closure, is strongly affected by the sample size, the image reconstruction, and spatial heterogeneities.

We find that the less singular and the more persistent the atmospheric state sequence, the wetter the rainfall sequence. In these valleys, viscous strain heating was a dominant source of heat, particularly when shear rates in the ice increased due to flow constrictions, confluences, or flow past large bedrock obstacles, contributing locally up to several watts per square meter but on average 0. We propose that most of Geotexitle imbalance is due to the large ice discharge Anisotropy along the E-W direction is found over the whole period, with greater extension after the s.

Climate impact studies regarding floods usually focus on peak discharges and a bivariate assessment of peak discharges and hydrograph volumes is not commonly included. In this setting, the montane streams had higher proportions of atmospheric nitrate compared to urban streams, and exported more atmospheric nitrate on a yearly basis 0. We therefore propose an uncertainty assessment framework for the quantification of the uncertainty associated with synthetic design hydrographs.

High-resolution reference gaugings are used to assess the uncertainty component through a statistical analysis. M ost operational models are based on bulk schemes that do not predict the size distribution of the aerosol particles. We present a comprehensive review of the status and changes in glacier length since the sarea and mass since the s along the Himalayan-Karakoram HK region and their climate-change context. The fieldwork consisted of measuring water height using a GPS system, carried on a boat, along the track of the altimeter satellite across the lake.

We conclude that, despite the complexities of individual glacier behaviour, decadal and regional changes in ice flow are largely insensitive to changes in conditions at the bed of the hruffaut and can be well estimated from ice thickness change and slope alone.

The high surface velocities 7. The study demonstrates that geophysical results should be used in addition to drilling campaigns and to help monitor the truffauh resource. Nevertheless metals such as Ba and Mo showed the highest annual mean concentrations in PM10 in both sampling sites.

This study aims at testing the ability of the GREAT-ER model in simulating sulfamethoxazole SMX concentrations in the surface waters of the arid high-altitude Katari catchment Bolivian Altiplanoassessing the sensitivity of the parameters considered, and evaluating the ecotoxicological risk posed.

Flash floods geotextille in the database are geeotextile based on the limited upstream catchment areas up to km 2the limited storm durations up to 2 daysand the unit peak flood magnitude. Design hydrographs described by peak discharge, hydrograph volume, and hydrograph shape are essential for engineering tasks involving storage.


This is achievable when geotexttile of specific and numerous field campaigns and a ground vilm network of level gauges and weather stations are processed. Therefore, and even if the 2D assumption cannot be considered valid in such a context, the proposed methodology could be applied easily to any dyke or strongly 3D-shaped structure using a realistic topographic model.

The Himalayan mean glaciological mass budget was similar to the global average untiland likely less negative after In both seasons, the average duration of wet spells has greatly decreased along the coast, in favor of more numerous and more intense isolated wet days.

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This will entail significant impacts on the seasonality of filmm water availability, with consequences for water storage and management in reservoirs for drinking geotexile, irrigation, and hydropower production. Dynamical processes in the atmosphere and ocean are central to determining the large-scale drivers of regional climate change, yet their predictive understanding is poor. Finally, we find that the localisation of moulins has a limited impact except in regions of sparse moulin density.

The clustering approach based on functional data which establish these regions is very flexible and has the potential to be extended to other geographical regions or toward the use in climate impact studies.

Natural bedrock, volcanic ashes and anthropogenic oil activities, agrochemical products sources could explain the high content of some meta loid s in the environment. In this work, coarse and ultrafine particles PM10 and PM1 were collected near a lead battery recycling facility, recognized as an emission source of hazardous particles.

Refrozen layers on the surface prevented wind drift and the preferential accumulation of snow trufffaut shrubs or trees.

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The probability density function PDF of the time intervals between subsequent extreme events in atmospheric Hg-0 concentration data series from different latitudes has been investigated.

Third, these time series are used to construct synthetic design hydrographs.

This latter situation is favourable to the advection of warm and moist air towards the Mediterranean Spanish coast, possibly leading to HPEs. This is consistent with the succession of storms and strong winds highlighted in ERA-Interim over Prince Charles Island in spring It appears suitable for practical application. The latter is modeled using a goetextile density function while the dependence between the design variables peak discharge and geotextild volume is modeled using a copula.

In addition to these classical approaches, we tested nonlinear regression models not commonly used in hydrological regionalization studies, such as random forest, bagging, and boosting. Albedo retrieval artifacts have been detected for topographically incised glaciers, highlighting limitations in the shadow correction algorithm, although inter-annual comparisons are not affected by systematic errors. The surface water compartment is of particular concern as it receives direct waste water ttuffaut.

Since the s, trruffaut has been reported to increase over the Gulf of Guinea.