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Everyone can be an artist — workshops Performative actions by the students from the Studio of Spatial Activities Polski Frances Ha to niepoprawna optymistka. All the Time at Work It has been few years now since formalism in arts ceased to be a marginal phenomena, perceived by the representatives of progressive art institutions with a hardly concealed contempt Applications are to be sent before 31 July

Aneta Kopacz – Joanna Or, maybe, quite the opposite – something has annoyed you? At our regular screenings selected works of Polish animation are presented. Art is looking for toddlers Approximately posters were chosen for the exhibition from the sum of over 1, competition entries. Polski Patrice Laconta – Bliscy nieznajomi

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Global Justice Morning The survey is annonimous, you don’t have to give us your email address. Open Labirynt — workshop for persons with disabilities Tiny Artists creative workshops with elements of English language learning Saturday at Labirynt workshops with audio description Postrzeganie i barwa Polski Spotkanie z Igorem Oliniewiczem Ronit Elkabetz, Shlomi Elkabetz – Gett: This time children will watch “snowy animations” and in such a symbolic way they will say goodbye to winter.

The tasks will involve both children and their guardians.

Polski Konkurs na prace w przestrzeni publicznej Art Detectives workshop for kids with elements of English language learning Winter Holidays in Labirynt: The Night of Museums What links them is similar means of expression, attitude and understanding of a purpose of artistic activity, what differs is cultural background.


Alevtina Kakhidze “In little place any corner can be seen” We have found ourselves in a situation dokumentalng which it is necessary to underscore once again the meaning auschwit validity of such values as democracy, liberty, equality, openness.

RUUR – concert Sunday in the Labirynt Gallery Co to za miejsce? Polski Kulturalny Bilet Wolontariusza VideoNews – a Nationwide review of Young video art Closing of the A Rebours exhibition Died Moroz Convention -5 The classes will be a perfect entertainment and a great occasion to solve tasks together. Applications are to be sent before 31 July Green Pockets pocket parks — workshop in Polish sign language Is chomikyj possible to define blasphemy and scandal?

Consortium is an informal and interdisciplinary alliance of art people who use their imagination and artistic skills outside the art field.

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Koncert z cyklu Minimum-Maksimum Ana Roldan, Iza Tarasewicz — meeting with artists Polski Lubelskie refleksje Nowe w kolekcji It is a film adaptation of a story created by Agnieszka Osiecka with the dialogues written by the poet herself.

After the break connected with the move to a new headquarters, the Labirynt Gallery resumes its Sunday creative workshops for children. Tricky Women — animations screening The Flying Labirynt has a pleasure to introduce you to: Night of the Museums Everyone can be an artist — workshops Art Detectives creative workshops with elements of English The aim of the conference is to capture the variety of video applications in art as well as to examine artistic potential of this medium.


You present the time when the seeds swell up, flowers grow and flourish and you believe that everything is an eternal repetition as is live and death.

The project aims to present pieces of video art by young artists as well as to give them opportunity to confront their own research in the area of art with their peers from other universities. Dorota Koczanowicz, Leszek Koczanowicz — Gramsci, makaron, faszyzm. Polski Dokumenta,ny geometrycznej harmonii New place means new possibilities and inspirations.

The exhibited works are the expression of intensive emotions of their authors, a type of a love letter exchange. Polski Wystawa Kolekcji Tomasza Kawiaka Ewa Zarzycka From no to yes. Art of Measure and Harmony Weekends with documentaries The second exhibition from the series presenting the most vital events in the history of performance art in Lublin.