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But then why leave the ring and send Denzel to investigate Plummer? Film Awards and Nominations. New on Amazon Instant Video. Inside Man The sense of urgency is kept alive throughout the course of the feature that helps the audience reach to the climax swiftly which may come off as a bit poignant, hoax and unsatisfactory too for which leave us only with the how.. Watch 2 Guns trailers and video and find out. You would be better off to see the Thomas Crown Affair old one and remake and avoid this one. By Metascore By Userscore. Paula Patton is back on screen with Denzel, co-starring in his latest action-drama, ‘2 Guns.

Washington plays his typical tough-guy under duress role, I was left feeling bored and unamused. See what the critics had to say and watch the trailer. Fast pacing and a high energy level can cover a lot of sins. Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg exude. Secondly, Clive Owen steals the papers to Acting — great, as would be expected. The other main actors Denzel Washington, Jodie Foster are good, but have been better in other movies. An interesting plot, good acting and character development all fall apart in the last 30 minutes.

The result of that will be that Plummer’s past crimes will be exposed in which case the papers Clive stole become valueless. Posted on August 8, at am EDT. Spike Lee tries too hard to make his characters funny, badass and likeable and ended up Good at times, decent most times, downright embarassing when it tries to be funny.

It had its moments and had the right idea but went wrong in a lot of area’s. Broyax Jan 6, Please sign in or create an account before writing a review. Spike Lee sells out and makes a big studio Movie For The Masses with a big ticket cast so now he can finance his next two joints without the suits telling A very entertaining “think thriller” thats a little easy in the “think” department. Two mainstream male actors sharing the screen in a movie is no longer an uncommon thing.


We’ll forgive absurd plots and too many. wasbington

Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington are supercool undercover lawmen in a bland, cliche-filled thriller, writes Peter Bradshaw. Everything You Need to. Our two heads would wazhington fit in a bag that small. The writer and producer think they are so clever, but the basic plot is ridiculous. New on Amazon Instant Video. Dilm anyone count any more? User score By date Most helpful. But I expected that as soon as Judging by the reviews on this site I was anticipating a good movie but I was dissapointed.

What in the world were they thinking casting Jodie Foster in this role. Is the film’s aim true, or is it a misfire? This movie reminded me of some of the great action movies of the past. By Metascore By Userscore. Film Awards and Nominations. These two actors crank up the charisma during the movie.

Any implausibility in its plot is more than made up for by the charisma of its two stars, Denzel Washington. Generally favorable reviews based on Ratings. Can’t anyone count any Entertaining but a little self-satisfied, Lee’s film has moments of great energy and tension interspersed with scenes that seem interminable.

The sequence of the movie is expertly executed to both provide hints and keep you guessing. Inside Man hits hard and fast in its first act where the writing doesn’t flinch on taking bold risks which keeps the viewers on the edge of the seat and even though the last act is a bit slow, one can always root for Denzel and his amusing conversations that is smartly written with other characters. The best Movie-Quotes of all Times. More From This Movie. The social commentary was lost in the messy plot and sub plots.

Acting — great, as washingyon be expected.

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Denzel’s character is likeable, funny and feels real. The movie is better than most from the acting, but that is not saying wxshington due to today’s movie crapola.


It’s a very performance driven film and the actors do a great job at it. Good at times, decent most times, downright embarassing when it tries to be funny.

Inside Man

All in all, this movie No one can deny that this movie has a great cast. Film drags too often, and there is definite fat here that could have been cut out. More From This Movie. In this star vehicle for Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg, the headlights are on full beam but the engine is struggling in second gear. Get 2 Guns movie reviews from critics and fellow moviegoers and find new movie reviews ddenzel Fandango.

Spike Lee’s execution skills is what holds this tale with multiple characters that even though has “seen-this-seen-that” screenplay by Russell Gewirtz and predictable twists, still delivers. Solid if not bnaque performances by Denzel, Jodie and Clive, decent enough braqugae, but there was something missing. The film stars Denzel Washington wadhington Mark Wahlberg. All the twists are revealed or amply clear by about the mid-point, so the thing just sort of stops, but doesn’t have an ending.

Read Common Sense Media’s 2 Guns review, age rating, and parents guide. Spike Lee tries too hard to make his characters funny, badass and likeable and ended up putting prime junk on-screen whenever the protagonist spoke.

Pacing was way off and the film had me losing interest at times. Check box if your review contains spoilers. Jodie Foster’s character is a bit unbelievable in terms of profession.