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DVD released by Entertainment One. However, the attempts to gain entry into the record room. Roger, Millers friend and a paralegal, initially commiserates with Miller. This distraction allows the others to infiltrate Arkham in disguises, Black Spider causes an explosion, putting the asylum on Yellow Alert, King Shark suggests playing the previous days footage to keep both Batman and Waller from noticing them. Panicked, Miller hides from the killer in the bathroom, where he discovers the body of a security guard, when he alerts Roger to the danger, Roger objects to Millers plan to save Emmerich, as Roger does not believe that Emmerich would do the same for them. When the killer enters, Amanda bludgeons him with an oar, and she and Mike make a run for it, reaching Brandons car, which they crash.

Miller uses his knowledge of the security to evade capture. Zarina does so, and in the process, gives Tink and her friends back their original fairy talents, everyone rushes over to congratulate them, particularly Zarina whose unusually strong and rare talent of pixie dust alchemy is finally accepted and can be who she is. A tugboat pulling a huge iceberg arrives at a port in Alexandria, Egypt, when suddenly, the Mega Shark begins its reign of terror by flipping the tugboat to the air until it crashes and decapitates the Sphinx hundreds of miles away in Giza. The film returns to the found footage format used at the beginning, with the killer using Daves camera to film the posed bodies of his victims, and the captive Mike and Amanda. Miller enters the room to put out the fire, after which he realizes that the killer has recovered, as the killer beats Miller, Anna knocks him out with a fire extinguisher. Emma McNeil that the megalodons aggression attributes to its search for a mate. A Royal Family Tale. Porky, Buckwheat, Mary Ann and Stymie all offer their services in professional working environments but are turned away at each one, Spanky and Alfalfa get jobs as Mr.

A Royal Family Tale.

Despite some in-fighting, the team manages to get to the storage room, Batman arrives, as the footage showed employees who had that day off, fighting the squad until Black Spider pins him during an explosion, Black Spider later emerges with Batmans frncais as his trophy. As several Parademons attack, Silas takes Victor to an advanced medical bed.

The Virginia fires a torpedo hits the shark. Air Force One is attacked in the air, but is saved by the Amazon princess Wonder Woman and Superman, after the heroes gather, Cyborg reveals that the invasion is a prelude to the terraforming of Earth.

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Drawn out of the vault, Miller attempts to trade his access card for Annas life, now with access to the records, the killer starts a fire, only to realize that Miller tricked him into accepting a fake access card. Their mission is to break into Arkham and recover a thumbdrive in the Riddlers cane, while in Wallers employ and she forces compliance by threatening to detonate nano-bombs implanted in their necks.


Zarina returns the blue pixie dust to Tink and her friends, Zarina promises not to tamper and experiment with pixie dust again, but is convinced by Tink to show off her astoundingly profound pixie dust abilities one last time.

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Using Millers recharged cell phone, the killer draws Anna back to the building, the killer takes Anna hostage as soon as she arrives. The rest of the squad find her and Riddler outside the Medical Facility, unfortunately, Joker also manages to escape as Harleys attack weakened his cell.

If she is unable to pay the money in two weeks, she will lose her bakery, to make matters worse, Waldo Kayes father wants to buy the bakery and replace it with a shopping mall.

It is the first movie from the DC Universe Animated Original Movies series that is part of a new shared continuity, the film was released for downloading on Em 21, and was released on Blu-ray and DVD formats on February 4, It had its premiere at the Paley Center for Media mosay the same day.

Riddler hooks the squad up to the shock machine, minus Black Spider as he wishes to stand guard.

Batman prevents Green Lantern from going after them on his own with a broken arm. In exchange for his release, the Punisher and the Black Widow are teamed up to take down the terrorist organization Leviathan who plans to auction stolen S.

I In the Name of the King 3: Rosie launches a torpedo toward the megalodon, but she inadvertently sinks the Virginia before the mega shark damages the prototype, following the failed operation, Jack installs Nero into the Mecha Sharks computer. The following 37 pages are in this category, out of 37 total. The fur of several pets turns green, including Darlas cat, Alfalfa tries to make up for it by offering Darla a ride to the library on his bicycle, but she instead decides to go with Waldo in his toy car.

Tink willingly gives the pixie dust up, and Hook sprinkles it over the ship before throwing Zarina into the water, leaving the fairies to rescue her. During band practice, Grandma is asked to visit the local bank, the Rascals are asked to prepare a red velvet cake, but they put too much yeast in, causing the inflating dessert to explode in the kitchen. When the killer breaks into the room, Gambizzi grabs a pistol, not noticing Miller, who hides, the killer spares Emmerichs life and orders him to stay in the office.


The killer chases Amanda and Mike to where Colin and Staceys remains are, Amanda and Mike reach the cottage, as does the killer, who axes a visiting neighbor. A few minutes later, Neros system reboots and notifies Jack that the Mecha Shark is wedged between rocks, but it manages to blast its way out of the debris.

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Tom Miller, a paralegal assigned to the Denning case, subsequently loses confidence in the trial against Denning. However, the attempts to gain entry into the record room.

Upon reaching the cottage, Brandon goes for a walk, and Mike and Amanda go out on the boat, and discover Katies body in the compelt. Hook, curious about what its like to fly, convinces Zarina to use some on him, Tinker Bell and the others attempt to escape their prison without any success, until the baby crocodile Rosetta befriended arrives francaix releases them.

Porky, Buckwheat, Mary Ann and Stymie all offer their services in professional working environments but are turned away at each one, Spanky and Alfalfa get jobs as Mr. Santa’s Little Helpers Tom and Jerry: Upon an extra scene during the end credits of the film, one of the crew members, Smee, comes to greet him.

In the ensuing battle, the tracking projectile falls off the megalodons body, Rosie fires a torpedo toward the mega shark, but it uses its tail fin to swat it toward the Charles Davis fleet, sinking flim of the ships.

Previously he had been a cinematographer on films, including the Sharknado franchise.

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Emma McNeil that the megalodons aggression attributes to its search for a mate. Mike and Amanda go in search of Brandon, who has stumbled onto a series of abandoned structures, the killer mutilates and hangs Brandon, and uses his blood to add to the graffiti.

DVD released by Entertainment One. Engleberg tell the James Stewart crew to turn off her emitters, the attack is briefly halted, but the megalodon jumps to intercept a fighter plane and crushes the carrier in the process.