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The other places are not traceable. Inscriptions in the Central Provinces and Berar. Simra is 10 miles from Katni-Murwara. With regard to geographical places, the Nagapura- Nandivardhana District is certainly the present xNagpur District, Nandivardhana being the present Nagardhana, 20 miles from Nagpur. The inscription gives the owner’s name and reads ‘ Libur- beli, the servant of. On a front inner wall of a HemadpantI temple at KorambI, 3 miles south-west of Bhandara, there was once an inscription in old characters, but it is now not traceable as the wall has been plastered over. Freevideo streaming for every movie and TV show — Never pay asubscription unlike Netflix! It will thus be seen that Buddhism was not confined to any particular portion, but was spread over the centre and all the four corners of the Province, which is rightly or wrongly regarded as the home of the aborigines.

The inscription -begins with an invocation to Purushottama. Arabe , cinema , films. The inscription was engraved in the Vikrama Samvat A. It mentions the names of Yuvaraja- deva and Lakshmanaraj. The inscription found there records the grant of a village Khaddika in the Kateraka district to the sun-god at Chattulliha by king Jayavardhana II of the Sailavamsa in the third year of his reign on the 30th day of the month Kartika. The in- scpiption refers itself to the Chedi king Karnadeva, and was issued from his Cam. Published in the Epigraphia Indica, Volume I, page fif.

Tripuri is the present Tewar, but Siihhapuri cannot be identified as there are several villages of that name. Show a child you care about them, not just by giving money, but by writing each month. While the latler resided at Mana- puram he granted a small village Undikavatika chkamara the temple of Dakshina-siva belonging to Petha Pangaraka in the presence of Jayasiriiha, the commander of the fort of Harivatsakotta.

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Published in Fleet’s Gupta Inscrip- tionsy page ff. This is completely worn out, Inscriptions in C.

The charter was issued from the Suvarnnanadi riverwhere apparently the donor had gone to bathe on some festival. Details of Routing Number The record refers to the Malava king Ghiyasuddin called in the inscription Ghiyas-ud-duniya who ruled be ween and A. It streamign lying in front of the malguzar’s house, and is so weather- worn that it is altogether unintelligible. A Hemadpanti temple has a defaced inscription, st Inscriptions in C.


Altogether there are six inscriptions, of which perhaps 2 or 3 only may be said to belong to Gandhesvara temple. Movie trailer for The Cooler, starring William H. He is said to have fought at Chittor, conquered the Delhi armies, scattered the Deccan forces close to Mahagadh, streqming driven out the Gurjaras. This inscription, 10″ X 7″, is fragmentary and contains the name of. The inscription refers itself to a Rashtrakuta king Nannaraja wrongly read as Nandaraja’otherwise called Yuddhasura, and records the grant, to a Brahman, of the village Jalaukuhe, bounded on the east, south, west and north by the villages Kinihivattara, Pipparika, Jaluka and Arjunagrama, respectively.

On the western wall of the tank there are three and on the southern two inscriptions, four of which are dated in Samvat or A.


There is thus enough to support Dr. Both of them are fragmen- tary, but mention a name Chikambarl which may be identified with Chikamara, a village close to Deotek. It was at this holy Mandhata that they distributed their. None of these villages is traceable except Sripura, the present Sirpur from which the charter was issued. The hours are Monday – Thursday His son Srivardhana 11 was styled the lord of the A’indhyas.

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Mahmoud Abdel Azizaflam 3arabiarab aflam. The lost portion, of which a transcript is kept in the Nagpur Museum, records the grant of a village named Patihkar, in the district of Jaulipatan or Jubbulpore, on Monday the loth of the dark fortnight of Magha. That is, in the words of Dr. The date on the Bilahra inscription is made out as Samvat A.

Three of them mention the name of Sodhadeva, who was probably the builder of the Padmanabha or Padmesvara Temple. Sati memorial inscription of the Vikrama year 2.

A device that streams from Netflix manufactured and soldseparately and broadband Internet connection are required to watchinstantly. Kumbhi is a village 35 miles north-east of Jubbulpore. Deoli is a village ii miles from Wardha, Streaminh inscription records the grant of a village named Talapururhshaka in the district of Nagapura-Nandivardhana by Krishna III or Akalavarsha of the RashtrakQta family in the name of his brother Jagattunga while staying at his capital Manyakheta in the Saka year expired, corresponding to A.


The second name of Bhavadeva, who, Dr. The inscription -begins with an invocation to Purushottama. Jaina statuette inscription of the Vikrama year The genealogy of Krishna III given in the grant has solved many difficulties about the Rashtrakuta kings.

Buddhist statue inscription, beginning with the Bud- dhist formula and giving the name of the devotee. This inscription gives the same information as the Chammak Grant No.

It mentions one Raja Sabhasimhadeva and also the name of the village Nanh- wara in the Pargana Maihar. The record is in old characters belonging to about the 7th Century A.

It would thus appear that at least half the names given in the inscription are fictitious. A portion of the northern part of that district is believed to have been in their possession. It is, however, possible that both may have ruled Damoh in their own times.

Certain place- names have been differently spelt on the same page and almost the same line or the next one — for instance, Sarangarh and Sarangadh pagelines i arid 2. Aflam Arabia Jadida Kielhorn found the English equivalent of this, date steraming be Monday the 5th January Vindhyavarman and Subhatavarman were at war with Jayasirhha, and the first of them recovered Dhara, which must have chikamsra taken possession of by the enemy.

It would then appear that Arang also was in those days included in the Donda district, and the donees, if they were residents of Arang, lived half-way between the head-quarters of the district and the village granted to them.

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