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I love this shit. Adam spent the first 15 minutes of his show this morning talking about the filming of the American version of Top Gear. Good interview, lost on me since I don’t know the guy. The starting point was a small town in Uganda. Never thought I’d say it, but its time. During the challenge, May had a concussion in the middle of the desert, resulting in a trip to hospital. I’d be pretty damn happy. All three made it to the Namibian border.

This site is not related in any way to Channel 5 or the BBC. Not as clever, but still funny in his own more American way. The combined result spiraled out of control and crashed on a nearby hillside. Hammond chauffeured Jamelia in a MG F “Sports Limo,” arriving with a stuck throttle and having to assist her exit with a pool ladder. Finally, May arrives in a Peugeot S Cabriolet which arrives already broken down. F12 was amazing Agreed:

Ten’s sitting there grinding his teeth because they didn’t accurately review the Suzuki Swift in the Bolivia special.

Clarkson won with references to World War II. Someone buy me a SLS Black please. May meticulously cleaned his car, being careful to remove all the dust from the interior and bodywork, and Hammond re-upholstered his seats using Clarkson’s leather jacket.

Absolutely not, I pay the show no mind, except when I come across something stupid that Clarkson has said or on occasion when someone here brings it up.

Top Gear is an entertainment show also there are cars. Antwerp Sat, Jun, You know who else has a hurt butt?

May fitted a Triumph Herald with a mast and sails. This here is the bench mark this is automotive perfection. It did look great in that color: Oh for deason it’s worth, both my sons 8 and 12 think the McLaren was the best looking car of the three roadsters.

Budget Coupes, part 1/4 (Series 6, Episode 2)

Along the way they enjoy stunning scenery, create a ferry to get across a river, cross Lake Victoria with a proper ferry, and begin making their way through the Serengetifollowing a river that will lead them to the source, and encountering one more obstacle in the form of a “car-killing” road.


The final episode of series 23 sees Le Mans racer vs comedian. I think they’re focusing too much on Seasoj Gear Live it takes energy and effort away from the show. Even though Hammond was making the best progress on the rough roads and dirt tracks thanks to his AWD Subaru, May was the first to find the true source of the river Nile which made him the winner.

SuperFrog Sat, Jun, This challenge was the last fifrh by Clarkson, Hammond and May. Clarkson claimed victory as he got one photograph of his celebrity published in a newspaper.

Sad to see what the economy crash has done to parts of Spain. Funny and not too over-done Hatchbacks: Harris looks forward to the new year. Hammond again fared the worst with saliva, blood and pubic hairs, losing 30 points and, worst of all, ffifth losing another 1, points. However, with help from The Stigthey eventually finished third in class and 39th overall, despite a fuel pump failure, only just making the start, several fuel leaks, going off the track many times, and Hammond crashing into a Mosler.

The Reliant Robin took off; everything seemed aeason be working until a release bolt attaching the Robin to the fuel tank failed to detach.

Both are told to report in Las Vegas for a series of challenges along a mile road trip from Las Vegas to the Sierra Nevada mountains. The GT4 used in this challenge was later bought and being repaired by Hammond, only to be damaged again when he was in the Petrolheadswhere he was tricked and rammed during a challenge.

The trio gave their thanks and respect for Richard Briers in the studio before the episode ended, who provided his voice for the Sat-Nav system of Clarkson and Hammond’s creation in the ‘Making a Car for Elderly People’ film.


Budget Coupes, part 1/4 (Series 6, Episode 2) | Top Gear

Top gear is great Chris and Matt are tasked with finding the perfect convertible supercar for all weather. Due to the problems Britain suffered during the previous winter with snow, and local authorities not having the money to spend on road clearing equipment, the presenters came up with the idea of the Snowbine Harvester streeetfire save money, working on the theory combine harvesters were sitting idle during winter months so were readily available with a cheap conversion kit.

Several entries were made, including one stating while the Scirocco wasn’t fast it was economical, a rehash of a previous Golf ad, and one ffith a funeral slightly spoiled by Clarkson. Dustyice Wed, Jun, The Jaguar came last and lost its engine oil again.

The three presenters were next asked to drive from Millbrook to the Eposode club in Oxford ; points were awarded for the order of arrival, deducted for breakdowns, and fuel economy was measured. They wouldn’t work quite right without him. Now a cheap car challenge next ep please.

This show will be good as long as the hosts have more time to work together and learn to be a team. He further proved this was the case with a note he sent to the production office, which read: Dizzeep Fri, Jun, Views Read Edit View history. Stig vs the Alpine A No idea who the “star” was and he was a blithering douche.