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Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I feel he achieves this lofty goal. It is hard to think of Gombrowicz in exile in Argentina, at a time and place where Jorge Luis Borges was the great panjandrum of literature. Lettre sur “La Pornographie” Heller: Empress of the East more to come While Gombrowicz is considered a major figure in Polish and Eastern European literature, and his first novel, Ferdydurke , is considered one of his foremost novels, it wasn’t until the later stages of his career, however, that Gombrowicz’s genius became widely recognized. At that stage, Gombrowicz makes references to a pupa.

Absolutely rated it liked it Recommended to K. Maybe I was just in a staring mood that day. They run off together. Oct 18, W. Reading doesn’t usually feel like work to me, so that’s got to say something. In , Yale University Press published the first direct translation from the original Polish. Don’t get me wrong, though, cose these Prefaces are still really, really silly, but they seem to approach if not affirm coherence and dare I say it? The story of the protagonist, who is compelled for strange reasons to return to high school as an adult, and thereby suffers again all the agonies of adolescence, is intertwined with bizarre non-sequitur chapters concerning arcane philosophical arguments between schools of thought represented by a pair fictional professors, along with all sorts of other sometimes irritating, sometimes brilliant, and sometimes impenetrable digressions.

The intro essay by Susan Sontag praises “its sublime mockery of all attempts to normalize desire,” which is spot on. It’s all fart jokes and nose-picking until you realize it’s actually one of the smartest books you’ve ever read.

Only really funny books should be taken seriously. Names of body parts are given meaning beyond the usual, often through wordplay.

By way of further explanation. Unhinge your mind and you just might too. Recommended to Nate D by: I haven’t sussed it all out yet in my mind. Cos near the end of this Festival of the Id it became hard to tell in search of an abducted farmhand.


And there were so many Summaryy in a translation trying so hard to be American that it was clearly a foreigner’s work, not native to either idiom–and not in a good way. But it seems that the pupa is dormant in most adults as well and can suddenly burst out in wild acts plpt meaningless thrashing about, such as when Joe sets up one of his schoolmates and one of his professors in a trap with a young woman, the unforgettable schoolgirl Zuta Youngblood, in the middle of the night. Our man leaves all of these fights still in progress, and we’re given to believe they summarry in progress till the end of time.


A fable ought to end with a moral, but I’ve forgotten mine. Meanwhile one of his fellow students is in search of an untainted stable-boy Unable to face the truth of what happened, Joey convinces her that he’s in love with her and has kidnapped her. Gombrowicz was rediscovered however amid the renewed experimentation of the ‘s, and enjoyed a renaissance in his lifetime, after decades Another one of my all time favorites.

Is it for this that an author toils for years, cuts his material and bends it into shape, tears it apart and patches it up again, sweats and agonizes over it—so that an expert may tell the reader that its construction is good?

Ferdydurke by Witold Gombrowicz

I maintain, on the contrary, that the more dull and narrow-minded they zummary, the more urgent and compelling are their opinions, just as an ill-fitting shoe hurts us more than a well-fitting one.

As the plot unfolds, he experiences again all the angst, franks, bullying and sexual awakening including reliving his first love of an adolescent. Joey is drawn into a class struggle on his uncle’s estate, where Kneadus finds his farmhand, and only finally escapes into a faked love with Zosia, his distant aunt’s daughter. Everyone treats him as a greenhorn, easily infantilized and ridiculed.

Lettre sur “La Pornographie” Heller: Paperbackpages. Witold Gombrowicz is considered as one of the most important literary figures in Poland. In Ferdydurketwo loves fight with each other, summaryy strivings: In the novel however, everything is extensively explained and broken down into its own insane logic. This book is the image of the battle for the maturity of someone who is in love with his own immaturity.


It was a combined indirect translation of the French, German and possibly Spanish translations.

As Sunmary understand it, it’s the fulcrum of a boy’s immaturity, centered in his butt, from which radiates Hoo, boy! But nor this book would cease mocking you if, nodding sagely like a Prof as you read it, stroking your scholarly chin as you congratulated your mature self on congratulating this novel for its zany immaturity, telling yourself, when you gasp for breath over the finish line I have not yet recovered my own that you are giving it summaey full five stars that its indubitable canonicity deserves—But, “It was Amazing!

Translator Danuta Borchardt comments on the importance of body parts and two particular words central to the story but difficult to translate: Chapter14, Mug on the Loose and New Entrapment. For sheer madness, bizarre surrealistic humor and force of invention this book is unequalled — however it is definitely not for everyone.

A song that was already old when we started listening to simmary.

Ferdydurke Summary & Study Guide

The shmmary are also shown through the lens of Gombrowicz as being just as juvenile and foolish as their students. Jul 17, Jeff Jackson rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Mar 02, Sinem A.

In his family moved to Warsaw. I think about the basic assumptions of Ferdydurke regarding criticism and I can endorse them without reservation.

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