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Violent clashes between opposing fans had delayed the kick-off. In , Fosa dei Leoni had about 40, members. Despite the faltering performances of the team over the years there has always been a Neapolitan crowd in the San Paolo cheering on their team. Casual Football Fan Fashions Novembar 15, The Neapolitans and Careca then went on a whirlwind romance as he helped them to win the Uefa Cup in , a Scudetto in and a SuperCoppa Italiano in The love felt for Careca among the Napoli fans was overwhelming. This method proved to be ineffective because when a group traveled in more than the number of places in the police sectors, they let them go to the neighboring sectors where the domestic audience was located.

The supporters paid homage to their heroes and one man stood above all others as the saviour of Naples: They are often called the 12th player, and individuals, such as Palummel — the water of Napoli’s fans, become celebrities throughout the country. The fans of Genoa, Fiorentina and Milan were the first to begin debriefing their stands by using papers, flags and other material for the production of choreography. The streets were desolate, prompting Italian anthropologist Amalia Signorelli to write: However the departure of Palummella , supposedly due to the death of his brother, caused CUCB to disband. The Brazilian joined the Scudetto-winning squad in and scored 13 goals in his first season. The event was the World Cup in Spain in , but this has never happened again because of hatred.

The Napoletani now had a riposte to the anti-Neapolitan rhetoric. This was definitely the biggest gamers in Nwpoli stadiums. The first groups were organized by the fans of Napolia, Baria, Caglaria and Catanzara, and in the s there were organized clubs of fans of Palermo, Catania, Taranto, Foggie, Cosenza, Messina and others.

In organizational terms, this was a time when fans began to make their own requisites salons, flags, bannersarrange visits to roaming, to create cheerful songs, choreographies and flares. Surprisingly, outside of their transient success mapoli the late s, there is a paucity of major honours.


Napoli Ultras in action at West Ham

It is this passion that produces one of the most awe-inspiring yet intimidating atmospheres in European football. Prices the cards ranged from l twice more than the cinema or discotheque entrance that made many fans stay home.

Fedaayn clashes between opposing fans had delayed the kick-off. There were a lot of friendships with foreign groups and the overall cheerleading quality has dropped drastically. But perhaps more importantly, the he helped Napoli break the overwhelming dominance established by nappoli affluent Northern trio of Juventus, Milan and Internazionale.

The bapoli Argentinian played there for seven years and was nothing short of a Demigod to the population of Naapoli. The most important thing in the whole story is that the end In the s, the violence of the s experienced an expansion in the Italian-style movement.

During their existence, CUCB allegedly denounced violence, a sentiment reflected in a banner they unveiled back in the s: If there was a dealership for Brazilian centre-forwards, Careca would have been the model in the window.

There are many things common to fans, and the main distinctive feature is club colors. Now close our curva!

When there is a chance to decry the Italian authorities, regional rivalries can always be put to one side. During the s, rioting does not erupt, and often have fatal consequences: Some of the historical groups like Brigate Giallo Blu-verona and eagles Suporters-Lazio broke up due to police repression. But on occasion, murmurings could be naapoli. This has rarely detracted from the devotion of their support. The political orientation of the party has grown and ranged from the fascist, republican, to the ultimate leftist form.


The dresses are dressed in the military fiom, now the files, t-shirts and duks are dominated by the group. Show 25 25 50 All. There is also the dressing of the Ultras.

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At the beginning of cilm 90s, ultra-movement became fashionable, and ultras after 30 years became equal participants in Calcia. The main reason is that these teams are from the same province After the successful action of Perudjana when Freak Brothers stole several banners, the Terni guys came up with a hell of a plan. In the s, many changes took place in Italian stadiums caused by the World Cup.

He was a monumental reason for their success in their greatest era. Maradona may have been fedagn god but Careca had helped create him.

The first organized groups emerged during the s. Tricks and flicks were not all he possessed, and despite the numerous times he rounded the keeper on one-on-one situations, he was also known as a poacher. Their models are from South America, especially Brazilians. On OctoberAscoli-Inter was killed by a cheerleader who died as a result of a beating.

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Selling the material as well as halls are financed by the activities of the group. Vicenzo Spagnolo, a Genoa fan, was killed in at the match of Milan and Genoa, which again triggers the avalanche of public condemnation, but also a larger part of the ultras. Satirical funerals were arranged for Juventus. The ultra-motion is highly spun.