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Rape myths are not different than any kind of myth. No Business Like Rape Business There is a significant disagreement within media studies on the effects of media on the watching audience. Duru directs a bit more detailed, longer and graphic rape scene in the movie version. In overall, it can be argued that the rape scene in the television series is cinematographically very distinct from earlier movie production. Audience shares the experience of victim but not the assailant.

Sonorous Voice of Patriarchy: Scholarly Resources, Inc, — This incident raises the question of how much factual and fictional violence are tangled up that in the end factual violence is ignored while fictional violence is accepted. Television series version also fails to overcome rape myths. Taylor in Citron et al. One of the most important cinematographic aspects of the scene is: Sexual violence is associated with romance and mutual desire. Gauntlett, David and Hill, Annette.

The feminist rape reform attempted to revolutionize rape discourse and marrch attempt also affected mainstream rape representations. He has to stand up to public humilia- 10 Lawyer does not bribe Kerim. Thus, it can be argued that neither by sexually tempting nor by im- planting violence, audience is encouraged to rape.

Fatma Gul: Fatmagul Episode

In overall, ear- lier representations of rape on television series were based on offering fun and en- dorsing patriarchal ideology. The other as- sailant — Mahmut- is half witted. Moreover, it should be pointed out that the rape sce- ne in the series has been debated more than the real rape events are. She claims that act of rape representation was too severe that airing and circulating such images should be controlled constantly.

But it should be noted that there is a significant difference between fictional representation of rape and fictionalization of rape. Arguably, all three articles unite on the idea that rape scene is not a representation of violence but rather a representation of morbid sexuality.

By television, they mean shows, movies, series and any other production that utilize fictional violence. At this point the normalized idea or action is taken for granted and accepted as it is.


Trivializing manipulates the per- ception of the subject at hand and somehow normalizes it. But right after this moment, they become serious.

One was the clash between patriarchal and feminist rape discourses in terms of rep- resenting rape. It is like a tribute to her innocence in the eyes of her beloved for one last time.

She runs away to her boyfriend. Democratic Sphere and Television Representations of Rape. Michel Mourlet in Bruder, claims that cinema is the most suitable art form for violence representation and dpisode itself. Feminist discourse encourages women to raise their voices in order to fstmagul heard. The Ministry of Family and Social Poli- cies, Sexual violence against women is not defined apart from article 2 d which includes all types of violence under the definition of violence.

On the other hand it should be not- ed that it is a television series, a fiction. Mustafa cannot bear fatmaghl and breaks the engagement.

Arguably, 933 image justifies her rape by reproducing rape myths because her half naked body seduces drunken boys. Also, there is not any evidence that number of rapes actually increased after the television series aired. Sensationalizing, Fictionalizing and Commodifying Rape Representation Trivializing an important subject is, in the simplest terms, rendering the subject in question insignificant. Ersan Ocak Examining Committee Member I certify fatmgul I have read this thesis and have found that it is fully adequate, in scope and in quality, as a thesis for the degree of Master of Arts in Communication and Design.

Vari- ous approaches in reception studies are utilized to justify the stand of this thesis regarding how audiences decoded the rape represented in the series and how it led to misperception. She sheds light on why Turkish society became restless over a rape repre- sentation on television.

Everyone was after mak- ing money out of the rape scene. Radio and Television Su- preme Council received four thousand eight hundred and eight complaints regarding the television series. Thus, the famagul newspapers chosen for this research differ from each other in terms of their political tendencies and content preferences.


British media theorist David Gauntlett In actuality, rape vic- tims, unlike in the earlier rape plot employed in television series, suffered gravely.

Bercovitch in Palmer, Moreover, this crime is very widespread. The main reason why this subject matter was selected as a thesis topic is because violence against women is disregarded in terms of normalization in Turkey. Aestheticization of Violence Aestheticization is an artistic mode that attempts fatmaful the emphasize aesthetic values of a text whilst clouding the socio-cultural values it contains.

Patriarchal rhetoric and images embedded in media texts reproduce and affirm this ideology. Furthermore, before women’s organizations started petitioning, two episodes of the eisode were already aired. She blackmails them and demands a huge sum of money in exchange for her silence. As episodf previously, these phrases also situate audience and condition them to be curious and watch the pilot episode. Taylor in Citron et al. The fatmaglu ries is an adaptation of an earlier movie with the same title.

Skip to main content. Boiling up in lust and excitement, they tear up all her clothes.

The main claim, especially employed by Zaman newspaper is that series does in fact encourage rape. In the end of the mafch, both the initial hypothesis and the initial starting point of this thesis were proven to be true. Fiske, John and John Hartley.

FatmaGul Episode 94 – 17th March 2013 By Urdu1

One of the most important cinematographic aspects of the scene is: According to the news article, there were solely two resemblances between the event and the tel- evision series: Lawrence Erlbaum Asso- ciates, Publishers.

One after another, boys jump into the sea and start swimming towards her. Radikal is a social liberal newspaper and most recently comes forwards on arts and culture. FieRadikal, Life Section.