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You are going to make me pull her hair, that’s what’s going to happen. You’ve got the court summons. And when her stuffed wine leaves turned out to be more yummy than mine, I let her do it more. I couldn’t go to work in June and July. And we were given extra time. Paste this inside your HTML body, where you want to include the widget:

No, you had other plans in mind. Look, there are waiters witnessing that you were in the garden of that house. It has got flower pattern on it, I like it so much. So the inspection has begun. I’ll get out of here at first opportunity. Subtitles Comments 0 Revisions 3 Edit Subtitles.

Abla, Emre and his family will go to ask for Esma’s hand in marriage, this weekend. Amaar seems she fainted this morning. Well, I’ll go anyway, you can stay here with your sister if you want. I like to finish my work quickly and I want to go soon episoee possible For this reason we are using organic products on our food in Gul Mutfagi dear brother It’ll absorb your nerves.

While everybody’s laugh echoes around that Bosporus, Mukaddes looks after the baby here You know, she’s an old woman.

And that will the only case that I’d ever remind you what you owe us. Especially Meryem Abla was overjoyed.

Husband is on one side wife in another. Let’s put them in the fridge first, whatever we’ve got left move them in epsode. But I’m telling you, there is something they’re hiding from us.


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Let us start a new life together. There’s nothing you should worry about.

fatmagyl Not because you cared for me. Why would you think that? It’s impossible to get a word off his mouth. But our boy refuse to see him. Let’s not get too excited about it. You were there as well when everything was happening.

I couldn’t cook any food. He’s taking it out on me because he couldn’t make Mustafa and Kerim take each other down. You won’t be able to get your money this way. He was begging Kerim to kill him. I’ll take care of the guests.

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But especially in the Balkans, some companies seem to have heard about our projects. We can’t even open a window because of the bugs and flies.

My brother called, he is at the seafront, I’m going to see him Am I going to take them back to the shore just because I want to get out? It was so difficult to keep going, Almost gave in to time to time.

The rest is up to you. Why did he appear again? We’ll still be together.

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First, let the bank ftamagul didn’t trust us and recalled its loans I vomited at the boat as well. I would never feed my children with the food earned with that money. Our house will be filled with joy. We could have taken a taxi. There’s empty glasses on the tables. Fatmgul should be recording the bride and the groom. How it’s not important Fatmagul. I called him here but he didn’t want to come. But you will be the one worse off, all the water going to pour on your head.


I have to go, he needs me. Where are you taking them? Well, we watched the trial as if we fatmsgul watching a football match. Rahmi, won’t you say something as well? And why you came to me right away when I told you I had seen them. Especially when our baby is concerned. Emre’s family is coming this weekend to ask Esma’s hand for marriage. I don’t want to be doing nothing, we are going to fill those photo albums.

You are the most valuable person in my life after my children. My knees are shaking even now. Fatmzgul, then take it right below ajara stairs. Let us finish that night first, and then we’ll come to that as well. We are saying to ourselves, we’ll go and do our business again