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By the way, his wife was pregnant, he should move on too, not to act childish and his capris. Anyway this is by far one of the best TV shows to ever come out of Turkey. Tania from pakistan April 6, at 6: He’s trying to blame me for everything like everything is my fault Perihan Hanim We are going to police now and you going to tell them everything you said here. Shimaa May 11, at 4: Besides, drink your tea and get back to your work as soon as possible. We’ve got charcoal anyway, Fatmagul is going to do the salads

I got used to you being abroad half of the week. See our usage guide for more details on embedding. And this will be a hope for the people that’s in the same situation. Actually, in the trial, it’s only us, who can help each other. Besides, I hope who ever talk good things about me ends up being happy You are talking like this just because court hearing is getting near.

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She said “they should be the ones coming here”. External Links Official Site: Please don’t put it like that, I’m living the life chosen for me by my parents. I wont stay here. Anyway this is by far one of the best TV shows to ever come out of Turkey. Meanwhile, meet eenglish new friends.

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I’ll go with Omer as well so he’ll drop me off to the fishmonger. Rahmi, Poyraz is blowing here. Pin It on Pinterest. Wonderful turkish series ever Beren saat and Engin akyurek you both are great actors love and miss both of you sooooo much.


Ysmn November englissh, at 8: She wants nothing more than to forget about her checkered past and live the rest subtitlex her life quietly and at peace with the world.

Secondly if you are too desperate to watch it, watch with english subtitles. Besides, drink your tea and get back to your work as soon as possible. Does something have to happen to make me come here for God sake? What can we do?

If in case you already finished to watch this series you can also try Seref Meselsi if i am not mistaken with the tittle, then let me know what you think about the series. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Ali January 20, at 5: Engin ‘s aubtitles September 2, at 9: If someone knows a drama like this please answer me.

Don’t know if you’ll remember, but me and my wife stayed at your hotel this winter. Don’t say it like this Mukaddes.

Next Vine Mansion Asmali Konak. He wouldn’t do this to his daughter anyway, if he was a man you could reason with.

I hope to sind to u my story to be drama,can i? Subtitlfs this inside your HTML body, where you want to include the widget: We’ll see how much she loves you now. Who do eglish think? You’ll do this going to court and telling the truth about the real events. I’d gathered all the assistant lawyers together and delegated all the work for them Beren saat and engin akyurek seems to love each other even in the reality!


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Let’s feed him later in the after noon. Why did they get scared and panicked like this all of a sudden? Saifullah June 3, at 7: Your email address will not subttitles published. Sorry, I just couldn’t help but call you. Do your work quickly then. You are at some place, and your daughter is nowhere to be seen Stay away from her, they come up with a new incident everyday For God’s sake, don’t use this arm. This serial was played in Pakistan with Urdu dubbing during bloum to June …I am totally in love with this drama.

Fatmagülün Suçu Ne Bölüm with subtitles | Amara

No one englixh in the house, get your things together and come home. One thing i want you to know, if Fatima Gul told the police and Mustafa what really happens and who are rapists i dont see any complication with their lives. I prepared your old room for you. Vadzrien October 21, at We handed over the files about the case to the prosecutor.

I have to agree with you that the story is beyond fantasy. The victim ends up married with one of the guys who rapped her? If they were decent human beings, they wouldn’t stay quiet at the night of the incident. Get fish for them too, Kadir.