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Paradise Kiss Japanese Movie. Good thing bad attitude and personality makes you look ugly in screen or it wouldn’t balance out. Why did she come home with that jerk? But seriously, who approaches a tiger seemingly asleep? Zettai Kareshi Japanese Drama. An employee starts to question her when white-haired Design Director Kim intervenes. Why is the top.

Dinner is a tense affair, and Se-na picks a fight first, telling Mom that Park-ha disowned her as sister. The story line is a bit messy in the first episode but eh not horrible. This bitch needs to go down and when she does I’m gonna drink in celebration. Hana Yori Dango 2 Japanese Drama. Props to the writers for making her the most annoying second female lead EVER. And I don’t hate SeNa as much as everyone else. He continues his little creeper act and goes through her texts to see the one that Jae Hyuk sent to ask her out the other night.

Ga Young receives a text from Jae Hyuk asking to meet, but epislde always, is unsure of what to do. Young-gul finds An-na at the factory and after checking to see if he has anything in his teeth, offers her a drink.

Cha Seo Won Supporting Cast. I mean, come ling But Park-ha he never showed up to the date he anonymously requested so she never met him. Isn’t he just adorable?! But seriously, who approaches a tiger seemingly asleep? You had to make sure you had higher ground by making them come to you?


The comments make it so fun to write. As he goes back to episoode office, he gets angry thinking about Ga Young listening to Young Gul last night. Oh yeah, she feels thankful towards Jae-hyuk, too — for helping her to get the factory back.

Fashion King Episode 11 – 패션왕 – Watch Full Episodes Free – Korea – TV Shows – Rakuten Viki

I feel like kinb first four ep was unnecessary especially after the trailer. It’s almost too much to handle. Take her back, An-na orders. I love love love the last pic of the trio.

Talk about the worst birthday ever. All My Love Korean Drama. John Varvatos Shearling Coat: They fear those who have one hundred times as much. Anyway Fahion King fighting!!! You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too! Wait a damn second. Beethoven Virus Korean Drama.

Fashion King: Episode 7 Recap

At this point, I’m just sitting around watching the journey of our OTP and the 3 rangers. Full House Take 2 Korean Drama.

Thank you very much for this recap. Yi Gak shops for accessories, picking out a hairclip a lotus? When she pulls away, he flips her so that her back is on the bed.


I love all the 3 characters and would love to know more of Yuri’s character.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! I understand that we can’t have Yeom become Park Ha’s boyfriend for many reasons. For some reason I like Ga Young to end up with Jae Hyuk, once he decides, tho, which woman he really wants. Rooftop Prince faked NY Thanks a lot Raine! I really hope her character doesn’t suffer too much cause from what i have heard she will be sad most of the time.

Raine — Episode 6 came in at Platina Data Japanese Movie. He tells her to back away from Young Young Apparel, but she has her own ideas.

What happened to a good old-fashioned cackle? He was waiting for her to come in. Paradise Kiss Japanese Kimchidraa. Meta [Happily never after] Maybe Yong-sool why am I thinking of you as a better one for Park Ha?