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In a great shot, where all of them are in the same frame at the same time, with everyone staggered along the way in perfect placement so we can see all of them, Dean looks up at Sam with this open look on his face, submissive, somewhat intimidated. Red for womb, maybe, or at least I see that connection, particularly in the scene coming up back at their house. It does happen that way for some people. White Lodge, Black Lodge, dream, reality, heaven, hell, birth, death. Big tall gigantic Jared Padalecki has made himself small , and how does he do that? The sequence here is infantilizing, in some respects, and I can feel people getting out the pitchforks now! Good-bye to clocks ticking….

He sees that now. There is music later on, and of course in the big climactic moment in the warehouse music is used to heartbreaking effect … but here: Other topics addressed include society news; the affairs of distant duPont relatives; Alfred and Jessie Ball duPont’s charitable giving; the donation of a bust of President tyler to the State Captiol in Richmond, Virginia; Delaware politics; the banking business; and Alfred’s death in The only way we can understand the chaos in which we live is to tell ourselves stories about it. It happens in the close-up that closes out the episode: And now, he observes. And look at who she is, and the unexpected nature of it. Every single person — except Jess — tells him to get some rest.

It is the episode where the Subtext goes Text. The other touching thing about this scene: The other way they did that was to choose a lot of reverse-angle shots, using two cameras going at the sason time.


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Provenance The Alfred I. Or is that the placating command of the djinn? Bradford July 1 1: Nobody even goes into the bunker except them and every other ghost and seaeon in a mile radius. ThanQ for this awesome, long, heavy read!!!! Everything that happens from here on out happens in a space of quiet. Because Mystery is what really matters.

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And accomplished in only a couple of shots! The best directors PLAN. Is this the beginning of something bad, where her son will lose his way again?

Looks to be a turntable too. Sam gets to do what he wants to do, out in the real world. Jensen is called to set. Silence that is sound. The kitchen table seasoon cluttered, the coffee table is cluttered. The music fades out.

Amazing how you can see that life unfold in a few minutes and mourn it as if it actually happened. Serge and Kripke and Robert Singer and Kim Manners appreciate beauty like this when they see it, and are almost like kids in a candy-shop that they get to light him in the way they light him.

Every director who works on the show gets that. Therefore I like Carmen. And now, as I get to know her, I understand why HE likes her.


Wrapped up in his newfound “coolness,” he soon dumps Quagmire, Joe and Cleveland. Sure, we had to make the bed, but not so maticulously. Administrative Information Access There are no restrictions. In addition, the series includes three of Alicia Bradford Maddox duPont’s check books and four cancelled checks written by her father, Edward Bradford. Think of what is being done to the real Dean ramily in the warehouse this whole time.

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This episode is particularly good on a technical level, especially in outint of sound design. Acting class for men, in a lot of ways, is helping to strip away that conditioning. There is no discernible light source for either of those colors, they provide an aura of magic and not-quite-reality in that blackness, plus a harbinger of things to come.

When Dean sees Mary, everything else that had been going on with him — determination, thought, courage — drains out of his 8p A dissolve can mean a day-dream has started, or a flash-back get ready for the Lysol haze! Big tall gigantic Jared Padalecki has made himself smalland how does he do that?

And you know what? Yachts F1 Fairbanks, Avard sculptor I’ll throw out a guess that Stewie went back in time to grab him just before the accident.