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Retrieved from ” https: Meanwhile, Daesung flirts with Yoona as they harvest vegetables on the field, only to be interrupted by a stray dog. On the beach, Sooro and Jongshin trade praises while directing Sungrok, as the other Family members dive for abalone. After eating, the Family feed the cattle and take a break to play a game of team “musical chairs” with a large haystack, featuring Taehyun’s biting foul play and Jongshin’s backwards underpants. Opening with Chunhee on a modeling shoot and Sooro preparing for college entrance exams, the Family gather at the village and enthusiastically welcome TOP. Returning to land, Sooro arrives and the Family enjoy a “capture the flag” game, fighting in the snow; much foul play ensues, largely aimed at Jaesuk. Returning to the house for sleep order rankings, the Family sing and dance as part of a karaoke performance, while Chunhee and Yejin present the members with ugg boots and cookies, respectively.

Later, Chunhee and Yejin discover Hyori being carried down the mountain path by Jongkook, causing him much embarrassment. Following breakfast, the Family head to the beach to play a game of queen dodgeball, where teams protect their respective queens of Hyori and Yejin, highlighted by Jaesuk’s multiple body shots. The Family separates into two teams to prepare to make kimchi: Returning to the house, the Family prepare meju from the fermented soybean, with a kiss on the cheek for the victor, Changeui. The second sequence highlights the rivalry between Park Hae-jin and Jaesuk after their water race and during bamboo climbing. The episode opens with Sooro and Jongkook practicing for theater and concert performances, respectively.

When done with their tasks, the foursome wait for their boatride home by fighting over pieces of a lollipop.

The second sequence highlights the rivalry between Park Hae-jin and Jaesuk after their water race and during bamboo climbing. At bedtime, the Family play a prank on Sooro by pretending that Daesung would be leaving the show with this being his last evening. After the meat stew dinner, the Family drink their newly harvested tea and play a game of guessing each other’s embarrassing habits and experiences.

At the house, Jongshin and Jaesuk discover they used vinegar instead of cooking wine, resulting in sour braised ribs. For sleep order rankings, the Family members reenact a scene from ” My Sassy Girl “, with highlights including Jongkook’s awkwardness towards Hyori, Sooro protecting Hyori’s feelings, Chunhee pointing out Hyori’s short temper and morning bloatedness, and Taehyun revealing the director’s PD fondness for Seasson.

This show is an orientation for the new members. Eep to the house for dinner preparations, Jaesuk, Taehyun and Outkng proceed to gather beansprout stalks, with the latter two ganging up on Jaesuk to force ouuting to taste seeds and chop down the stalks.

Family Outing Ep 35 EngSub Choi Seung Hyun TOP from Big Bang

The family attempts to do crop art, planting rice. After the game, the Family returns home to clean the house and express their gratitude to the homeowners with an audio recording. Highlights include Jongshin garnering repeated face splashings due to his unbecoming behavior and Hyesung attempting to woo both female Family members simultaneously.

Bangchon Village, South Jeolla. After dinner, the Family visit a local school to play a game guessing each member’s childhood report card comments. Returning home, sleep order rankings allow the Family men to show off their boxing skills, with entertaining performances from water-spitting Jaesuk, buttocks-punching Jongshin, and easily toppled Chunhee.


Wae Ahm Village, Chungcheong. Chunhee happily accompanies Dambi to pick vegetables on the local hillside before procuring a horse carriage ride through town for Dambi and the other Family members on hand. During the water-based running race, Hyori’s team loses decisively to Yejin’s, leading to the introduction of the “Hyori Effect”.

Highlights of the ranking include Yejin’s annoyance at the men’s slow voting leading to a reversal of results in Hyori’s favor. Highlights include Jongshin, Sooro, and Jongkook attempting to reproduce the husky vocals. The Family gather at the village, with Changeui revealing he attended school with Chunhee.

Highlights include 1 Chunhee washing radishes with a bar of soap, 2 Chunhee and Sooro shaving the radish with their teeth and 3 Sooro frying eggs with vinegar rather than oil. After catching ssok, the Family form teams to play a game of 7-step long jumps. During the trivia wake-up mission, Chunhee makes a surprise appearance and is mobbed by Sooro.

The game also features an accidental slip of the tongue by Yejin that becomes the reoccurring catchphrase of the episode. The trio of Jongkook, Jaesuk, and Jongshin are charged with gathering soondae sausage ingredients, but mischievously head to a local restaurant to eat rice cakes and other snacks before delighting themselves at a local karaoke, fervently singing and dancing along to songs from Jongshin, TurboDambi, and SNSD.

The Family welcome Rain, who along with Jongkook and Daesung, form the three “slanty-eyed” brothers. Highlights include Joon-gi being grouped with Jaesuk and Jongshin for falling into the water so readily and Jongkook coming up with a creative exit strategy when he and Yejin are the last survivors.

[Vietsub][] Family Outing Ep (Guest: Lee Bum Soo)

Afterwards, the Family head to the dock to clean and dry squid, featuring Hyori singing songs by Kara and Daesung showing embarrassment as we are reminded of his idol text message exchange. All head to a nearby shallow pond to catch fish with their hands, where Seungwon and Sooro compete to catch the most and Hyori guides and yells outijg Jongkook. Outong Tae-hyunJang Hyuk [nb 5]. For breakfast, Hyori and Henney buy fresh snow crabs for steaming and stewing.

Executing their first assigned task of catching eels, the Family pile rocks as a trap before playing water balloon and water-basin filling games, with the latter eliciting much foul play. During dinner preparations, “Tall” Park Hae-jin and “Short” elder Yoon Jong-shin went into a cave to fetch locally fermented kimchi. In the morning, the wake-up mission calls for the Family to strike a gong with a mallet grasped by their faimly, resulting in Jongshin, Dambi, and Chunhee assigned to breakfast duty.

Following breakfast, the Family head to the beach to play a game of queen dodgeball, where teams protect their respective queens of Hyori and Yejin, highlighted by Jaesuk’s multiple body shots.

It first aired on June 15, with the first season ending on February 14, During soup preparation, forbidden from using ramyun seasoning, the Family men flavor the stew with afmily fish and meat, collude carefully to avoid detection from Hyori.


List of Family Outing episodes – Wikipedia

Highlights include Jongshin invoking his newborn son, Chunhee bribing with aloe leaves, and Yejin falling to the ground in tears. During sleep order rankings, the Family men demonstrate “tough guy” face washing before pairing up for a dance demonstration, featuring the snake-charming Jaesuk and towel-wringing Jongshin, while the women engage in a battle of Yejin’s aegyo cuteness versus Hyori’s dancing.

Carrying out the first assigned task of visiting the uninhabited island, the Family build a canopy before playing a water game aimed at pushing the opponents off their float. Returning to the house, the Family prepare meju from the fermented soybean, with a kiss on the cheek for the victor, Changeui. After eating, the Family compete in a jumping contest to hit their head against a dangling lightbulb, with much teasing of Jongkook during a love-line with Yejin and Hyori.

Vitsub Hyori prepares the potato pancakes, the Family form lines for a bite, providing an opportunity for Jaesuk and Jongkook to do battle in excluding each other from eating the pancake. Seomdalcheon Village, YeosuSouth Jeolla. Highlights include Daesung revealing his text message exchanges with a female idol, Taehyun falling asleep drunk next to garbage dumpster, and Jongkook admitting he cried when drunk. After Hyori’s team victory, the Family gather to clean the fishing nets before wiping down the house and welcoming the homeowners home.

Meanwhile, the other members play drawing games in bed before Yejin and Chunhee decide to play a street arcade game and order fried chicken for the returning foursome. Retrieved 16 September Rather than the usual assigned breakfast duties, the Family set off on a boat ride to vietdub abalone fishing, featuring scuba diving stories from Chunhee and songs from Sungrok, G-dragon and Jaesuk. tamily

family outing ep 02 shinhwa dong wan

Returning home with their fish, Yejin reveals her “savage” fish preparation abilities while the other members look on with wonder. As Sooro returns, however, he discovers his quest for meat outjng stifled with most having been eaten.

The members then split seaosn teams and deliver the gifts. During the game, Hyori discovers her heavier body weight compared to Yoona has put her team at 3 significant disadvantage as Sooro compares Yoona’s weight to cotton and feathers. After eating, the Family compose and recite poetry based on the theme of Family, ranging from heartfelt to vengeful, before painting art and calligraphy on a bare wall. As the evening closes, sleep order rankings are determined with the members acting most innocently, featuring a hoppingly cute Yejin and dance performance from Taeyeon.

Meanwhile, Yejin and Jinwook slice the eel, Jongshin prepares marinade for it with canned barbecue sauce, and Daesung covertly marks charcoal on Hyori’s face. Highlights include Hyori and Yejin playing foul as they sabotage Jongkook, who is blamed for being in a game slump.