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Mohamed Savage, nicknamed “Mr. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. And what an example to follow. We often elevate the concept of forgiveness to an exalted status, but do we truly practice it when presented with the circumstances to implement it? It never loses sight of its objectivity, no matter how emotionally painful some of its individual stories are, yet it ultimately delivers an undeniable message of hope, enlightenment and inspiration, one that we all could learn from. Tamba Joe was a native son who joined rebel forces during the war and committed violent acts against members of his community.

Read more about how Fambul Tok works or order your copy of the Fambul Tok book. Coming home, coming down, coming to. A community gathers to hear the testimony of victims and perpetrators at a bonfire ceremony in Gbekedu in Sierra Leone’s Kailahun District in director Sara Terry’s riveting documentary, “Fambul Tok. Fambul Tok 7. The name describes a tradition of nightly bonfires in which family members discuss events and solve problems. Search for ” Fambul Tok ” on Amazon.

A Bhogi Or A Yogi?

READ: ‘Fambul Tok’ reveals the power of forgiveness- A film review by Brent Marchant

Tamba Joe’s location is unknown, but his sister begs for forgiveness of the community. Perhaps there is a lesson for Americans here.

A villager says that Omvie Joe killed and beheaded 17 members of his family. Tamba Joe was a native son who joined rebel forces during the war and committed violent acts against members of his community.

Moholoholo the experience of a lifetime. Decades after the traumas of Vietnam, Watergate, and the Civil Rights movement, the United States seems as divided by issues of race, class, age, religion, ideology as it ever has been.


Mogie your free trial. Joseph admits to the rape, but says that he was forced by rebels to commit the act under threats of death.

Retrieved January 8, Though a village chief is hesitant to reconcile with Savage, he acquiesces to the will of the village’s people and forgives him. Coming home, coming down, coming to. Yet, through the Fambul Tok program, perpetrators have an opportunity to be welcomed back as full-fledged fammbul of their villages, resuming their place as participating constituents of their communities. John DeFore mvie The Hollywood Reporter called the film a “shocking and inspiring look at the aftermath of Sierra Leone brutality and a campaign to heal devastated communities.

From tothe West African nation of Sierra Leone was plunged into a collective madness. And what an example to follow. This page was last edited on 20 Decemberat A United Nations Development Programme publication estimates at least 70, deaths and 2.

Retrieved from ” https: Edit Storyline Fambul Tok tells the story of healing in post-conflict Sierra Leone through the intimate stories of perpetrators and victims.

Savage returns to Foendor to ask for forgiveness at a fambul tok. February 3rd, by Brent Marchant. Whoever said peace only comes at a high price obviously never met the people of Sierra Leone. Languages Fiji Hindi Edit links. Full Cast and Crew.

Journalist Sara Terry directed the movie.

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Find, friend and follow Fambul Tok. Nyumah left and Sahr rightbest friends torn apart by the Sierra Leone civil war ofget reacquainted just a few days after a dramatic bonfire ceremony that reconciled their friendship in the documentary “Fambul Tok.

The film ran 81 minutes. Mofie takes us to the aftermath of the brutal Civil War in Sierra Leone and shows us an organic grassroots process through which a broken country is attempting to heal its wounds. Perhaps we can learn from the people of Sierra Leone how to begin our own healing process.

The film demonstrates that humans can forgive almost anything when they open their hearts and let go of their anger.

Fambul Tok was Terry’s first feature-length film. Archived from the original on January 8, In this interview, Satta explains how Fambul Tok helped her to forgive the man who raped her during the war.

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And, remarkably, forgiveness is nearly always the result, even in the most egregious cases. In each of these cases, however, despite their heinous acts, the perpetrators were ultimately forgiven and welcomed back into their communities.

It premiered at South by Southwest in and it was first shown in Europe during that year’s Raindance Film Festival.