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From the content of the diary, we see some solar flare calculations, which is helpful for her to figure the date to retry time travel. Those clues were left there because her future self in Ep. She tried to take a steady breath. And my socks are something nasty. When they’re so smart and Lady Choi knows everything, why hasn’t she caught on to the evil guard lady? My justification for that is that the portal is unpredictable; it is predicated on Faith and Destiny. A collector of men?! On the other hand, Faith in Episode 9 was in its top form and simply spell-binding.

He lifted his left hand, fingertips touching her cheek. One moment of happiness for the main couple equals hours of anguish and sadness for them. The week long wait, the heavy heart, and this desperate need to know the ending kills my week. I know theres no way either of the 3 characters would be written off the script this early on but still, the conflict ES was put in just about killed me. Doc and CY definitely took several steps back in their relationship, which I found frustrating. I understand that the scene had a point, but it doesn’t make sense.

I also agree about CY: The show’s name is Faith so Eun Soo must have Faith on Young that he will be able to fight off the villian. But I need some more interaction between our main pair. Maybe a little going forth and conquering? This drama is so good! I loved how much he just wants to tie her up and gag her and never let her out of his sight and yet he knows by doing so he would break her spirit and in the end he is the one who accompanies her into the lion’s den.


Heck, right now shut your mouth is probably the korean language that I know lol.

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I don’t know but the passage of time in deamacrazy show is wonky. She plans to make a deal with him, because she has something he wants. I don’t know why it stuck with me. Ki Chul just says he wants Gongmin to be a king loved by his people. I was totally feeling the same! When I am this frustrated!

Eum-ja reports to Ki Chul everything he heard. I love that the ice warrior is gone, that he by instinct knows that Eun Soo is in trouble and he faces his enemies with eramacrazy nonchalance that is both suicidal and brave.

Perhaps you took anthropology in college? Ahn Jae Wook Cameo. Join 2, other followers Follow. I felt it so out of place related to 14th century, that I faifh help laughing.

It won’t be as good as eating it in the restaurant, but I know you’re still a bit allergic to crowds and, well, we can wait to do that next time. A smile in her voice.

Watch ‘ The Great Doctor ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. Sasook and partner show up and Sasook calls Young a dog.

Like she did when meeting KC for a first time. Then maybe she’ll stop allowing herself to be used as a ping pong ball. Coz you know he wants those sexy times. Anyway, the whole point of this silly introduction is as follows: I don’t know if it is intentional or not, but I love the fact that they from time to time eposode the bad guys as comic relief. Surgical tools, diary and mini projector have some significance.


Can’t they bring in some dramaccrazy leading lady writers? Episode 5 by TeriYaki.

Recap: “Faith” Episode 10

And that fire killer woman, man i hate her so much! The surgery is over and Eun-soo is in her room. If you rewatch that scene, you will see what I mean. I’m thinking things are happening over the course of a few days but no, they’re happening in a few hours?

Then again, many things didn’t make sense in this episode and in this drama so far. She says the scar is healing nicely and pats herself on the back.

The Great Doctor

This drama is so good! STFU was echoing in my head the whole time.

I am growing tired of how they’re dragging our doc here and there. He asks if she is the doctor from heaven.