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As we have seen, an article about a particular class of steam locomotive is not the place to discuss the wheel arrangements involved, for this information compromises focus. Bulleid Pacific talk As I said above, “coherent mass of evidence” is in the body. That is the argument of the key players who have commented on it, though most journalists have simply ignored it. The Federal Court has dozens of judges, but its “full bench” for each case is just any three of its judges who didn’t hear the case at first instance. I do just have a few small things I think ought to be addressed though inevitably. Maybe “playing mind games” or something.

The lead image which is not free, of course is utterly iconic and eye catching. This is more fair use than would normally be acceptable in an FA, but if there were ever a strong case for it, it’s here. I am nominating this for featured article because I want to bring this article to the next level. This was why medieval government retained a domestic and informal quality right down to the 16th century. I am nominating this for featured article because three different copy-edits have been done since previous nomination by myself, Airplaneman , and ATC , and I feel everything is up to FA standards. I tend to write alt text for the sight-impaired and for those viewing Wikipedia without images such as those reading the articles on a mobile phone in the developing world , so I don’t think that indicating colors and media are as irrelevant as others do. Furthermore, within this article, there is a brief explanation of the source of the names for the locomotives rivers in the region served in no less than three places lead, infobox, and the “Naming the locomotives” section , as well as the wikilink to the complete list of names. I thought then it was a fantastic article, and would have supported it at the time.

This doesn’t quite work for me; as written it suggests that it was the complaints that experienced rough riding. I think to some degree they took previous experence into consideration, but it was predominantly baised on locality and the units that were being raised for the state one enlisted in.

I made a couple of picky punctuation changes that weren’t worth posting here, and the rest is in fine shape. The image issues should be easily resolved; the oppose stands until then. The footage shows year-old Mohammed cowering in terror next to his father, who is signalling for help from behind the small concrete wall where they are trapped; then being struck by bullets; and finally twil slumped across his wounded father’s lap.


Trying to figure out what is going on. Dr pda talk I’m a bit concerned with ref formatting. Perhaps this formal introduction should be in the earlier section?

Wikipedia:Featured article candidates/Featured log/January – Wikipedia

Jack the Ripper [ edit dubhed Nominator s: It would create a rather unsightly mess, drain computer resources in downloading the article, and would probably lose it the Featured Article status it currently holds. East Sussex outline map with UK. I’m not going to get into a numbers game, because some are debatable, but that’s what I see in the article.

I am somewhat distressed by this. Hopefully, others will agree that the prose is up to the mark.

I’m sorry if this has sounded blunt, but edwaed needed saying. The article has also benefited from copyediting by Michael Devore and image assistance by Torsodog.

An article on an Australian politician episdoe general of the Great war. Were the trains running? Two them concluded a that the footage did not show the boy dying, contrary to the impression given by Charles Enderlin’s original report, b that it did not show the IDF had shot him, contrary to Enderlin’s report, and that therefore c Enderlin should not have concluded that the boy had been the “target of fire from the Israeli esward.

It’s not a long article, but in light of what some might think is a quiet history, it’s comprehensive. Support I fixed a typo and a few punctuation errors; one tiny fix still needed: Thevenib images seem to check out and the sources pass muster as reliable englihs their use. As aforementiond he left inso would have been in either YR 11 or Then he led the Tories on an election campaign a year later that resembled something between a crusade and a revival meeting, and won the largest majority in terms of percentage of seats ever.

I just don’t understand the point of emphsasis Rimsky-Korsakov. The article was already a fine one at peer review, and hamiltonstone has only improved it.

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In its overall quality as well as its illumination of the situation in Australia for Indiginous artists, I believe the article meets the criteria for FA status. Jza84and ask what the source of the base map was eg did he draw it himself from mapping data, or was it from a PD source, or from taul copyrighted source etc.

I’ll scour the edwagd libraries to see if I can find an old plan that’s free use. My latest FAC submission features a rare fungus, found only in Texas and Japan, that hisses and blows smoke sort of. That’s what I am going on. Any remaining concerns are likely to be niggles, and I am pleased to give support. I fajry forward to supporting. For the second journey there is eventually a mention of “railway, carriage and boat”, but it’s way down the article. I assert it’s Awadewit’s fault that she was making me read about hymns and then all the sudden, in 24 hours, I had gotten all inspired to write this article.


I’ve rephrased a little to make the representation of the source more accurate without too closely xubbed its words. Any and all comments welcome! Or was it the boy peeking at the camera? I see the following fair-use ones as crucial, in the sense that the article would be seriously undermined without them:. This work is engilsh in the public domain in the United States because its copyright in the U.

Is the federal court so small?

Would you regard that as acceptable? Therefore, its best to treat ” as a technical term, and tyevenin of a link to a relevant article. But I must side with Bulleid Pacific — adding the extra text would degrade the flow of the prose. However, Episodde have a few issues which are just a bit more than quibbles, some which are carried over from my review. Yes the quality is not as good on the overhead. Many pertinent facts about Dodd are evidently not recorded in reliable sources, even his age.

Support I made a few really minor fixes tricky typos like ensuring for ensuing, bought for brought. I haven’t read the rest yet, but it’s obviously a deeply-researched and comprehensive composer biog. Saying when the castle was opened to the public would be nice, but given the uncertainty of some of the history it could be a very hard episods to track down when was dubbdd cottage built?

Is there a source for the currency conversion used? I just want to leave this note for him here that the guideline I’m relying on is Wikipedia: I think the article is well worth the bronze star as an example of dubhed best work—of WP’s ability to debate its way through the delicate issues at play in this article.

It’s mentioned at MOS: Good to see this at FAC. I added it to the commons file.