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Wisdom Distribution Complex Chinese, Taiwan 2. I like Miley, and don’t see what all the fuss is about. The book is set up in a diary like form, specifying the date and time at which each event occurs. I mean that sort of jokingly, and sort of not. Although, why isn’t it possible for you to have a say in the casting, and direction like J. I loved this series and I hope the movie turns out well. With the help of Miss Stubin at the Heather Home, Janie discovers that she is a dream catcher and has the power to help others resolve the dreams which are haunting them. Although I haven’t read the book yet, I’ve heard a lot about it, read some parts, and will be buying a copy soon after reading all the fantastic reviews.

I’m not what you would call “a fan of Miley Cyrus”, but the idea of her playing Janie doesn’t bother me at all. You need to watch her doing interviews and talking about what’s next for her, and realizing that if she makes this movie it’ll be a couple years down the road. What she does takes work. Congratulations and much Love to you! It means that people are incapable of giving an actress the chance to prove herself. Janie’s character in the book..

Now I’m rambling a bit but to sum this up: As soon as I have more information, I will let you know. I mean that sort of jokingly, and sort of not. Can’t wait to hear more details as they develop!!

So people just need to calm down, ny being so ridiculous and give Miley a chance to surprise us! I know getting a big name like Miley could bring a lot of attention to the film, but what about the studio considering an unknown?

Sunday, April 6th “. I hope it actually comes to fruition!


Janie is wonderful though, she’s right up there with Hermione and Fiona from Burn Notice on novie favorite female characters ever list.

She just does not fit in the part. I hope that it does become a movie. D I think she will do a great job. Btw, does she have Twitter again?

I loved this series and I hope the movie turns out well. This page was last edited on 7 Novemberat I just finished the books this week. I’ll never forget being with you in New York when you weren’t quite sure why you were getting all that attention from your publisher. Hope it works out. Mccmann, it didn’t make enough money to justify a sequel.

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She did a great job acting as Hannah all those years and she did a great job in The Last Song, so I’m sure she’ll mobie a great job in this movie. But the most important detail, of course: I am out of my mind excited for you.

I knew it would happy. I pitched the idea of a world where children really were punished for being creative to my son, Kilian, who was 12 at the time.

Stop bitching to Lisa McMann she can’t please all of you. Moive still look ridiculous. Miley couldn’t pull it off. I really love the books, but to tell you the truth I really think you should consider letting Miley Cyrus play the lead role. The dream is very intense and lisq for hours and Janie soon becomes completely numb and falls out of her chair.

Please consider what we are saying, it would be a huge shame if she was in it for all of us fans: I think someone lesser known would be better. I pray to God that she doesn’t get the part! Congrat’s on Everything Ive been reading your books from the start and have been inseperable since then. Pisa would probably see the movie regardless lol. I’m not a movie-maker.


Miley will never leave her disney days.

It does attract attention. People within the dream she enters usually ask her for help, but she is unable to, for she doesn’t know how to. After all that she did to help the police Janie was given: Sorry that we’re all kind of responding negatively to such great news, but this is kind of a Morton’s Fork kinda thing ; either we have the movie with Miley or maybe no movie movid all: While most of her classmates have dreams typical of adolescent anxieties, Cabel,a mysterious loner, has frighteningly moviw dreams that Janie cannot come to terms with.

I hope it works out i would love to see janie and cable’s story come to the big screen! It could be a nice breakout role, in my opinion. I’m really excited to hear about this movie! A role she plays. The book is set up in a diary like form, specifying the date and time at which each event occurs.

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And you know what? I’m not just hating on Miley, I just don’t picture her as Janie at all I absolutely love this trilogy and I absolutely love Miley Cyrus. She has to branch out and do other things and the very fact that she is interested is fantastic. That is great news!! The demographic of the books is so not the same as that of the Disney Channel.