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Log In Sign Up. Gigabit or 10 Gigabit Ethernet switches 6. In addition, within the EqualLogic Group the primary site already stores terabytes of data. Owner of the content within this article is www. It appears that the storage array has not been configured. You can choose the Typical installation, which installs all the tools supported by the operating system, or you can choose the Custom installation, which allows you to select the tools you want to install.

Within each “series” i. Hardware Maintenance Provides information about maintaining the array hardware. These benefits include the server and the storage. Page 22 Connect a network cable from the network switch 0 to Ethernet 2 on the control module 0. To check More information. Microsoft Cluster Service successfully formed a cluster on this node. For effective and predictable replication, ensure that the network link between the primary and secondary groups is reliable and provides sufficient bandwidth for copying data.

It works fine with only four cables. Recommendation Network connections between array s and hosts A reliable and adequately sized network link for replication No Spanning-Tree Protocol STP functionality on switch ports that connect end nodes Description Connect array s and hosts to a switched network and ensure that all network connections between hosts and array s are Gigabit or 10 Gigabit Ethernet. You can skip either quickstxrt 1 or 5, either step 2 or 6, either step equalogic or 7, and either step 4 or 8.


For more information, see Group Configuration. To check for more recent More information.

The following figures show examples of a two-node iscsi SAN-attached cluster and a sixteen-node iscsi SANattached cluster. Your cluster supports NIC teaming, but only for the public network; NIC teaming is not supported for the private network or an iscsi network.

By combining multiple arrays per group, very large storage groups can be created with maximum capacity in one group of over 1. This page was last edited on 30 Augustat It is recommended that you establish server roles prior to configuring a Failover Cluster, depending on the operating system configured on your cluster.

In this article, More information. Remember me on this quickstatt.


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Specify information about the installation when prompted. Microsoft Cluster Service successfully formed a cluster on this node. E-mail home functionality enables EqualLogic to as the application needs additional storage, capacity is rapidly respond to issues and assist administrators.

For more information, see the tables below. Ensure that the storage array s are running a supported firmware version. It is recommended that Group name, IP address, and membership password, as described in the Group Configuration table. However, only one of the nodes can own any volume in the external storage array s at any time.


Essential Setup Steps

All trademarks and registered. Dell Engineering November More information. Cluster nodes Cluster storage Cluster Nodes The following section lists the hardware requirements for the cluster nodes. Would you like to configure the array now? For more information see, Network Configuration Recommendations. Dual-Port Network Adapters Usage You can configure your cluster to use the public network as a failover for private network communications.

Dell EqualLogic PS4100 Hardware Manual

Windows Host Utilities 6. The following figures illustrate recommended methods for power cabling a cluster solution consisting of two Dell PowerEdge systems and one storage array. Documentation for any hardware and software components you purchased separately provides information to configure and install those options. Host access to the volume is always through the iSCSI target name, not the volume name.

Storage Array s Cabling Information This section provides information for connecting your cluster to one or more storage arrays. In the Welcome screen, click Next.

A scheduler with e-mail notification options is included Manager is one title in the suite of EqualLogic Host Software to help simplify maintenance operations.