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The taverner thinks the tax on drink proves King Arthur is a bad ruler. Like A Knight Tel un chevalier Perceval tries to have a conversation with Arthur but gets lost in the words that might or might not express what he feels. Retirement La Retraite Perceval wonders at what age knights get to retire—he has plans for a little house in Wales Original minute festival film. They are numbered III. Renunciation part 1 Le Renoncement 1re partie IV. Start your free trial.

Mangonel Le Mangonneau — cf. These episodes are considered to be pilots or experimental episodes. Bohort proposes that, since the original Grail is so difficult to find, they commission one from a silversmith. Parade La Parade IV. Trackers Les Pisteurs IV. Battle Leader Dux Bellorum — the term for Arthur used in the oldest surviving reference to him by name, the Historia Brittonum ; cf.

Budget Raison d’argent Venec proposes refilling Kaamelott’s coffers with counterfeit coins.

Diogenes of Sinope esp. Spangenhelm Spangenhelm — cf. Day of Wrath Ugethenoc Irae — same title as the original pilot. The Ankou L’Ankou — cf. The Code has been translated from Old Celtic into the common tongue.

Tactics part 2 Les Tacticiens 2e partie IV. Conspiracy Le Complot II. Curiosity part 1 Les Curieux 1re partie IV.


Curiosity part 2 Les Curieux 2e partie IV.

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The Volunteers Les volontaires Perceval and Karadoc agree to accompany Arthur on a quest in an underground maze, but flee when confronted with goblins. Broadcast May 2 through October 7,except for 12 episodes which were broadcast in December Corvus Corone Corvus Corone V.

The Petition La Supplique V. Perceval joins him and Arthur and they have to explain to him what it means to be a eunuch.

Feu l’âne de Guethenoc

Renunciation part 2 Le Renoncement 2e partie IV. Double Dragon disambiguation IV. Since the Round Table rule is that one must wear either armor or a national costume, he invents the kilt. rpisode

Merlin tries a fireball. Lancelot goes with drawn sword to kill Arthur in his bath.

Theft Le Larcin II. Reclassification Le Reclassement II. The two-part numbers in parentheses, as above, indicate the broadcast order of the 7-minute episodes with these titles. Arthur tries to get Merlin to explain the dead crow he found near his door.

Kaamelott – S3.E36 – Feue la poule de Guethenoc

Start your free trial. The True Nature Of the Graal La Vraie Nature du Graal In the midst of a dispute over whether an improved road is actually an improvement, Arthur makes a stirring epixode which recalls the knights of the Round Table to their quest The Recruiters Les Recruteurs V. Patrick’s Purgatory La Grotte de Padraig — cf.


These are the episodes of the French TV series Kaamelott. From knock-out performances to Green Book scooping up the night’s top epsiode, relive the best moments from this year’s Oscars. Views Read Edit View history.

Upland Pasture Les Transhumants V. All the pilots guethenod included on the Addendum disk for Book I, so they are numbered I. These are in order of original broadcast: Arthur goes to the tavern gutehenoc to find out what people think about him.

Arthur dubs him quick and dirty, just to be sure. For Book V, the numbering is somewhat different. Merlin attempts to challenge him but does not come off very well. The Pioneers Les Pionniers V.

He almost found out where the Grail is, too.