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I know that nobody cares but I think that Ramon is a hoot. I didn’t get anything out of those scenes. Blanquita tells him she is hiding from his mother. The priest shows up and reminds them they are in the house of the Lord. Vero and marty show, well he may have to back off let her breath, I wish Emi would. She moved her hand, but shes been doing that anyway.

Emiliano tells him her jewelry line is already selling in Europe and they have no franchise. Tarasha Season 2 Episode February 26, Can this show get any stupider??? She feels offended to get up and make her point. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Martin then decides to leave. He reminds Emiliano that she is still his wife. She reminds Virginia that the working hours are from 9 to 5 and asks her to be punctual.

Claudia asks her not to worry; she knows how to console him. Duplication of this material for use on any other site is strictly prohibited. The nurse that told him to get out of the bathroom! Looks like Joaquin is in for a couple of rough episodes.

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Jorge wonders if he trying to tell him that Salma kidnapped Virginia. I haven’t been able to comment, but have to say I am extremely turned off by Martins grabbing, pulling, and shoving of Veronica.

Oh I know Gringo that Nanci and Emi is end game but I wouldn’t mind Vero and Emi giving their relationship a shot, just to see Marty explode into a million little pieces. I know lighting and all that but the two colors were way off. Polo sells them freely to Pablo, in less than a second he tells everything to Pablo.


No, she needs to carry on living without Marty, and she needs alone time to deal with things impeedonable great, Emi will wait as long as it takes… yawn. Veronica tells her the documents are confidential and wants her to run the copies. Martin then decides to leave. I loved the recap!

She asks the lady how is Martin, she tells her bad. She who though she was going to be happy with her husband. And who knows Vero the best?

NovelaMaven, imperdonavle said it! That would shut her pie hole for sure! If you watch that part again although not important you will see Vero wearing a bright white blouse but when you see the reflection in the mirror behind her, the blouse or top is an off white, much darker color. If they ever got back together, she would end up hating him. What could it be?

Your just sitting there reading the paper minding your own business. Jorge comes between them to prevent them from throwing blows at each other. Carlos, I can’t see Vero calling Mags “mama” at this point but a more formal “mother” would do.

I,perdonable course, part of her seems to want him to keep trying. Vero and marty show, well he may have to back off let her breath, I wish Emi would.

Veronica explains to Martin that 88 killed his brother.

Chela with Pancho has all the romance of a mutt chasing and slobbering on the mailman, hoping to finally get a pat on the head and a dog biscuit. She reminds Virginia that the working hours are from 9 to 5 and asks her to be punctual.

Joaquin declines and tells him he has no intention of working for him anymore.


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Then last night she asked Mati if Virginia had pushed her and Mati was able to communicate with her hand squeezing one for yes lp two for no. Bravo to our wonderful recappers! Let’s see what he does know.

Manuel gets violent and tries to hit her but Raymunda defend her. Virginia closes the door and asks Daniel why he is treating her this way. Raymunda buys some food stuff from Arturo. Veronica gets offended and asks him how he dares to say such things to her. But I appreciate the time you took to do this with your own busy life. Gaby meets with Joaquin again.

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Polo sees Blanquita getting closer to Arturo stands and tells him mum he is buying something. Has anyone else noticed that when they show pierres hotel that sweet little lady keep Sweepin the same lmperdonable of the sidewalk? He has been right about Marty from the moment he went after Vero.

Cresencio shows up and asks him how he intends to do that. He does it all the time, but I don’t actually blame the character, but the writers – telenovela galans are written like this 9 out of 10 times. I want to hit Esteve over the head with a Nerf bat.