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The economy grew 8 per cent last year. Bam- tns per share at the group. They closed yesterday at ‘Ap. However, the report warns that signs of increasing atmospheric ozone levels may not be detectable for another 20 years. The benchmaik Septwnber year bund future settled at After the stock market crato, in which assets were colla- teralising bank loans fell sharply in value, the US authorities acted to keep markets highly liquid no matter what tbe cost Yet in Asia, tbe Fond has acted to contract liquidity.

We measure our success by the quality of our customer relations. Among central bankers the treatment of asset price inflation remains a contro- versial issue. But others feel it may be too soon to jump in. Bxeenmv V ice Ftesideta. Virgin and Stagecoach betweoi them hold four rail franchises and one of the learing companies. With strong economic funda- mentals and sound com- panies, some say the recent selling has been overdone. It was attacked for faffing to indem- nify iis non-Swiss clients when it demutualised last year – although its advisers stress it acted entirely within the law. For tibose who miss out on a ticket in Saint Etieone a riwiiiar yfew will have to suffice.

Michael mawag iw g director of Stoxx. He said the president bad sent “the wrong signal at the wrong time” by exercising the waiver, leaving the administration “virtuaHy powerless to deter the foil list of petroleum dcvelop- tnenL refining and idpellne projects recently by the Iranian National oil com- pany”. In the latest gesture of suppmt for its bid.

If the two sets of data agree, it supports the randusion that lidar could be useful to commer- elal aircraft. But while the car unit accounted fbr 37 par cent bf revenues, it contributed only 3 par cent of profits Inacoordiog to figures supplied by Kop. The devaluation of toe yen and the passible devaluatim of the Chinese renminbi maris the start of a thixd stage trf downward spiral How.


In the 11 months to Feb- ruary’.

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Ms;ire our Doing Business in Turkey Tbe cod- be file stiODgen bis inbred snob- romantic scenes between Ursula bety or bis desire 241 success? Bob Semple aignes that estimates of 8 per emit profits growth will be shat- tmed by the rescogence of sterling, Asian, difficulties and tile squeeze on domestic companies. However, some observers say Turkish business still has a lot of catdiiiig iqi to do. But this must not be allowed to compromise his commit- meat to the peg.

Islamic guidance and culture minister. The government must also pass legislation first, since Israel has never held a referendum.

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In terms of gross domestic product, public spendiug on the arts ranges from 0A7 per cent In. Rutland took effec- tive control of Cape with the purchase of 25 per cent of the shares in and sent in its own beloe team.

Their partnership uXTers lots of. There is a long way to go befbre eimtinental Ehirope’s labour mar- kets approach the flexibility of those of the US and UK, if indeed that is what they aim for.

Production should start In and some 4JOOO vehicles are to be made in the first year of operation. This wiD lead to an end to early lw sdiemes. Some in the persoD panel. However, many believe the military would still inter- vene directly or indhuctly to prevent Virtue from taUng office.

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Rudolf Trinlr, head of trea- sury at the strategy division of the Austrian Central Bank, said there were no strong commercial argu- ments for central banks to bold gold. The remainder is in liquid assets. On a comparable basis ani? Renters rewrts from Warreu.


Combined with a credible stabilisation tk eblle rouble, this sho uld eliminate tlte qteeulative frmtey. Makes Keller ft Handle. The UK Investment repre- sented one of the company’s best overseas interests. Mobil of the US and PanCanadian with 20 per cent eadL The consortium plans to start the appraisal of the Geld before the end of- the year. Stock q tioo schemes have coaly recently been autbcxised in Italy. In a massive turn-out on Sunday which surprised observers.

The government is targeting a 4 per voe primary surplus, which excludes Interest charges on public sector debt, up from ai per cent last year. The hawk is ofieriug Bt4. M 3X10 3X12 viee For their part, Turkey’s generals are proving no more successful than civil- ian politicians in providing the country with strong gov- ernment.

Both three-dimensional seismic techniques which have reduced the risk of exploration by pinpointing attractive prospects more accurately and horizontal d rilling which allows com- panies to lecovm: Because expectatious can become self-fUlTilling. The garrison has been Increased from lOfiOO to The construction industry rose 1.

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With the outlook for Brazil fit st-free ftw the immediate fixtare, traders saw little rea- son to be bullish in the shortterm. Despite tbe announcement Of the deal. BnmDM — elite foteocw sreaw ni Mean- while, almost forgotten in the entire process are the Holocaust sunrivoTs themselves. Based In Lorxion, he will focus on the develop- ment of hifemalfonat business.