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I wish you guys are having a blast even though it might be a tough time! May God bless his soul. I remember how his books and lectures used to be sold out as soon as they hit the bookstores in the year before the revolution. A long long time is needed till another “Shariati” be born from witin our nation. Your life story already so young is the kind of inspiration that we all need to hear and celebrate around the world! C Canada – tashakkor az tamame kasani ke in site ro bargharar kardand.

If possible, I prefer, at my reach, the complete publications listed under the Publications section. The flow of enlightenment is running on.. What is The name of book in English? Comment by Fereshteh — September 22, 2: Ahl-e-Bayt chose, and blessed Shariati to spread their true message the ture message of Islam in our times. I hope everyone on earth will be able to read all the things you wrote and hope that they treasure and how beautiful our planet is and that. Hope every sinle of us will be successful in our determination. Va bi to sokoot be gedaeeye nale-yee bar mikhizad!

Comment by sarah — September 21, Take care and God Bless John A.

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I have read almost half of his books. Keep up all the good work you are doing and enjoy your journey! Finding this web site is one of the greates things that has ever happened to me.

Comment by Nadir Dogan — September 22, 5: Comment by Niloofar — September 22, 9: Hi Anousheh, This is fantastic, truly inspiring. Is he known —Bennabi I said- in Iran?

The regime of Iran wants to keep power on people so it keeps on barking anti-American slogans and empty rhetoric. snsanha

I’ll be visiting this site more often. He was not attepting to impress intelligensia or elite of the Metropolis. I do thank every eensanha who designed the web site and assist people who really want to know about his life and all other activities that he had in his short and wonderful life.


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Thank you even more for also contributing to help the rest of us hope to realize this dream in our lifetimes! It is a real shame that Khatami uses Dr. I am personally looking for his literature and do not know where to obtain them!

I am telling you millions of Iranians have already traveled or keep going to the outer space every single minute. Brad Comment by Brad — October 3, 4: He is all in our hart and there will be someone to follow his way and pass on to next generation. Ali Shariati was not a man for one nation or any specified community, He as his thinking is the man beyond this universe.

He lifted me from the heat of tehran into a journey near God. I am not a Muslim, but I have great respect for the spirituality of Islam.

We then proceeded to the bus to go to the Launch site.

Comment by Tony Quine — September 21, So, I thought I should do it: Amazing that you communicate and share your thoughts with us while being where you are, for that I thank You. Shariati ra edame dahim I asked it to fill the heart of all its beings with its love and to bring peace to this beautiful creation we call Earth. I have created and presented this small web site to Dr.

But this is not enough. I am proud of you as a role model in many ways to many people for lots of admirable reasons. Wishing you and your membership the best. I will have the opportunity to study. I am amble to having this site around and I will pass it to more of my friends. May Allah bless you and all others who contribute to this effort.


Recently I was in Baikonur and was allowed to feel the magic of that place myself. S’il y a des amis du Dr Shariati en Belgique,je serais heureux de correspondre avec eux. Tanha arezoye ke daram didame mazare ostad ast.

I hope everyone on earth will be able to read all the things you wrote and hope that they treasure and how beautiful our planet is and that. I hope all politicians in Iran read this and moreover, feel the real thing. There is Paradise on Earth. It must be undescribable, to be able to watch our blue pearl on the dark oncean of the stars from orbit. Comment by Ramin — September 21, 9: You will be in the history books of many young children for decades to come.

The Publications section does not have hyperlinks as the Books and Speeches section which makes just a list and not a store for Shariati’s marvellous works.

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He is my ensanhx and spritual mentor. Ali Sharaiti through my e-mail: Now you can contact us anytime, thank you for reading this letter. This page contains text from Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia – https: Furthermore I noted that Shariat participated in the Algerian revolution against France. May Allah bless you. If so, please let me know. Peace, Behrooz Comment by Behrooz — September 22, 3: