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I’m just at the Kappa segment. Cupistol and Shmoopie can be found relatively early on, so they will probably be the best bet for players just starting out. I’m assuming the answer is no, given the English version did not exist at the time of release, but I don’t own the game and cannot test it. I believe the only human character that didn’t have their name changed was the token white kid, Daniel. I was fighting a Myoni and used that sticky gum on him which gave him a hearthe didn’t join me, but I noticed he dropped that same item after the battle. It’s a rare drop from its evolution, which you’ll be able to fight later on. If you throw some meet, it will automatically be caught by the one on the right. I still have a D rank watch.

I pulled it out of the crank-a-kai and am wondering if there is any point to keep leveling Cadin. Just keep at it and eventually you’ll have all the friends you could want! They lift your spirits, have touching backstories, and can’t help pouring their hearts out. Springdale community center at night. She’s also an avid gamer and toy collector. I found myself battling about 50 or so Noways before one of them finally decided to join me, which is when I decided there must be an easier way. True artists of their time.

Yo-kai that prefer Bread: Yeah, it’s better in 2, you just select the quest and it ask you if you want to mark it. Of course, even after doing all of this, there’s still a chance that the Yo-Kai will not want to be your friend, which can be frustrating. You have to have an A ranked watch to get in the front of the hospital BUT luckily there’s a break in the fence to the left and then you can climb this wall to get inside. One inspirits Nate and his family during a spring break vacation to a waterfall.


Miraculous Scales

Some Yo-kai can only become your friend through fusing two yo-kai together, like Thorny and Baddinyanor a yo-kai and a special item together at the Shoten Templesuch as Draggie and the Dragon Orb.

Schadenfreude Member Nov 9, Wiglin is voiced by: A black and white Favrite who, like Nate, had trouble deciding between two fandoms: You cannot target before battle. A butterfly Yo-Kai that can make the inspirited get hyped up over the littlest things. Casanuva is in there along with a Walkappa evo, Dimmy evo, a mirror dude. I pulled it out of the crank-a-kai and am wondering if there is any point to keep leveling Cadin. It’s just past the park that’s north of Nate’s house.

A cloak-wearing mosquito Yo-Kai that makes people fear the worst possible outcome of situations.

Well I actually befriended a Casanuva before getting the item youkaj so I guess I’ll just use him instead of evolving my Cupistol. The other two, Casanuva and Pinkipoo, can only be found later in the game.

The Compendium or whatever it is called is hidden under “Info”. They lift your spirits, have touching backstories, and can’t help pouring their hearts out. You need to login to do this.

Like eneflj I have Jibanyan and Cadin standing next to each other. From Manjimuttwho is half middle-aged man, half dog, to Cheeksqueekwhose face is literally a tush, Eerie Yo-kai give people the creeps! Filter by post type All posts. I’ve been having a blast with it, but I’ve also been having some difficulties as well.


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When she inspirits Nate’s class, he summons Baku to deal with her. Shmoopie likes hamburgers, so stock up on those before hunting for him.

Nate gets them to inspirit him in order to dance well and impress his classmates. Casanuva likes to hang out in Nocturne Hospital, sometimes alone and often as a counterpart with Betterfly or Compunzer.

So far only Loafers seemed to have an obvious difference, while Stiff and Carefree are pretty close. Does anyone know if you can battle and trade with the Japanese version? I love the localization. It’s healing will help you tavorite time. Pinkipoo can favoritd found in the final area of the game, which is maybe a bit yooukai so I won’t get into it here, but you’ll know it when you see it.

The wife of Happierre, with whom their powers create a neutral atmosphere. Her Favorite Games include Yo-kai Watch 2: A Yo-Kai that tries to ruin Mother’s Day by inspiriting Nate’s mom and making her complain about the littlest things.

Steppa is voiced by: Have you ever lost a good friend? It’s weird being this blind because I never remember playing a Pokemon where I didn’t know how each and every Pokemon evolved except the time I borrowed a friend’s Japanese Ruby he imported.