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Retrieved 30 May Similarly our meeting too is going to become a lie. What did my mind say? My name is Sravanthi. So what are you all doing? Sravanthi, who else do l have other than you? That too is a lie.

From did you think of bringing it then? She is still alive. Shocked about Krishna’s death, Srinidhi dies at the grave of Krishna. Should l order from Amar wines in your name? Then you will understand what life is. Sir, is it necessary to come this far for working as coolie? Paris is taking my life.

This will tell which places you visited. Whatever it is, l am escaping this night.

My father couldn’t tolerate it and That’s why my brother has sent fyll to Paris. How did he come to know about it? You talk to me from his phone.

On the last day of the college, Krishna decides to propose to her. Retrieved from ” https: Tomorrow is the last day of our college. Retrieved 20 June Anusuya and giving it coffee?


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We should keep her on life supporting system For how long will you stay here? Tell them not to take me.

What is this carnival for? But you said l love you. Sravanthi told me about you.

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Everyone is saying they don’t know anything. Didn’t l tell you to go out Otherwise l would have thought you are a devil. But what if you didn’t believe.

She is my friend.

There is no volume control to my voice. Do you know what this is?

But now will go alone to Paris. We have to shift urgently. Why endukuu you speak? He is not her friend. Why don’t you teach our headgear and Now you may go.

Enduku Antha Premanta Songs Download

Don’t divert the topic. Will you stop it and work? Do you know where they are? He would send me funny jokes daily. Kona Venkat Koka Bhai. Enduiu news is not found anywhere. Do you know how much he respects his father? You will not believe it even if l say it now.


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How can we tell these matters to her? There is no use of the speedometer needle. You are acting smart. You enfuku to follow the protocol.