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Mary Jacobson Jonathan Malen AC-3 Bit rate mode: The film also mixes in a variety of other video sources from the dashboard cams of the police cruisers to security cameras. The use of Jake’s hand-held camera gives a Paranormal Activity feeling without the headache that adds to the “realness” of the film. The ones from Aorion with more corrections, 2: For more info about this release, open. If you like intense movies like Crash, Stuck or Drive then this is for you. August the same audience or whoever came again got to see the whole film.

This is, without a doubt, one of the very best films of the year. Taken 2 Liam Neeson p H. Scenes run time Coz kalau codec, error dan sintax, gan Being a fly on the wall in the various dull, inappropriate, and often times hilarious conversations the two have when patrolling brings the film a much needed dose of comic relief, but the kind that never feels forced. The movie delivers fully on its title and that’s all you can expect from it, isn’t it? Tekster til Extended Unrated BlueRay.

The day to day lives of these two best friends are shown in a format that is both convincing and horrifying. Open Road Films Company: Works with three different BluRay copies. Ehglish BluRayRip p p p x This is for the Theatrical Cut of the movie for the foreign parts only! A job it accomplishes rather nicely.

Sub khop voi ban DVDrip nay, http: Likable, believable characters make this a realistically funny, intense and emotionally gripping cop movie. However, productions such as “Tucker and Dale vs Evil” or “Shaun of the Dead” have demonstrated that one doesn’t have to rely on formulaic dialog and one-liners so heavily in order to create a fun splatter film that is actually fun. Action Adventure Fantasy Codec Skal passe til de fleste bluray releasene.


Tekster til Extended Unrated BlueRay. Suurtje, Thanx m8innetje Heeft u deze film gezien en wilt u ergens een recensie achterlaten?

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In the film we meet Brian Taylor, an ex-marine working as a police officer while he works his way through law school.

Neither the cop story, found footage action or downspacex on the wall comedy genres are anything new, but End of Watch takes old ideas and fits them together to make something interesting. Language Set favourite s Login. The trailer for this movie actually represents what you get very, very well.

Contact us about this article. The way the script was written allowed David Ayer to elicit an incredible range of emotion from the viewers. Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog.

Enjoy our Fast Upload. Great English Zombie Flick.

This was a real unique journey in drama. Thank u so much for piDhoxx The humor is good, you get Cockney language thrown in a couple of times and one the slowest chases you’ll see in any film. Subtitles for a mix of the official release and deleted scenes that come from the DVD, and are listed there: End of Watch has the energy, devotion to characters, and charismatic performances to overcome the familiar pitfalls of its genre and handheld format.

In my opinion spoilers suck nrrip it takes away from what others may enjoy or dislike about a particular film, that’s why I rather that others come to their own conclusion upon viewing a film for themselves. When the daughter befriends the surviving son, she learns the story is far from over.

By far the strongest actor would be Alan Ford who fills the character role of “Grandad” brilliantly as the cantankerous grandfather of the two leads and the caretaker of an old folks home. If Guy Ritchie directed a zombie film this would be the result.


A young man turns to a witch doctor to engoish the woman he loves away from her fiance, but instead turns her into a zombie slave.

Arian Drama, Amir tahmasebi. Prometheus 3D half side by side. Komen anda amat saya hargai. There are some great kill scenes too.

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It easily has the most likable characters, and as such the most emotional involvement for the audience, which thus creates the most tension in the high risk, action scenes. David Ayer has crafted an intense, hard hitting drama that benefits from the two excellent performances by the two leads. A fun filled zombie film. There are a couple notable television series’, like “Hill Street Blues” and the now dated but oddly fascinating reality series “Cops”, but on film, these guys don’t get a lot of luck.

It’s hilariously funny during car scenes between Jake and Michael, playing on relatable awkward topics of sex, dating, and other things best friends would joke about, yet incredibly serious, showing just how intense and dangerous police officers’ jobs in South Central LA can be.