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Watch Episode 25 Sub. The three leads are playing with my heart. Yeon-chul planned another attack, this time sending Dangkise and Tapjahae together with Baek Ahn and Taltal to Goryeo. Watch Episode 23 Sub. Be still, my heart…. Watch Episode 17 Sub.

I really like the scene where it highlights on how the two men are on different scale: Watch Episode 46 Sub. I read it many times, hahaha…im addicted to korean drama specially about jiwonnie, i am a Big fan of her…please keep do the recaps…fighting! Watch Episode 39 Sub. He found the two of them on the shore and Ta-hwan saved Seung-nyang from being lectured. Watch Episode 26 Sub. Later, Byung-soo took the opportunity to carry out his mission while Seung-nyang was taking her bath.

Please be a good character, General Baek! By the way, do you remember which episode is it that the Yuan Emperor told the Goryeo Emperor to changed the name Goryeo to Yuan? Watch Episode 6 Sub. Privacy Policy Disclaimer Copyright Watch Episode 17 Sub. Baek Ahn then realized epiosde the prince was no longer a baby and used his own sword to kill the other soldiers there to help Ta-hwan escape.

From my point of view, he was torn in between obeying Yeon-chul or saving the heir to his late emperor emprress the beginning episodr he sees Ta-hwan as a spineless and useless crybaby who can do anything, so his decision to kill the prince is for the greater good.


Be still, my heart…. Watch Episode 27 Sub. Watch Episode 28 Sub.


Back in Yuan, Yeon-chul went to see the young Emperor, who was lying in his bed, being seriously ill. Watch Episode 10 Sub.

Sorry for not being much of a help since I downloaded the episodes…. Watch Episode 32 Sub. You are commenting using your Twitter account. He expressed how he missed his late father and vowed to stay alive in order to avenge his death while Seung-nyang kept thinking about her own father, Commander Ki. I like TH-SN pairing too, mi they look more comfortable and compatible as companions.

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The Empress Dowager made fun of his caring attitude towards the sickly Emperor while he banished the future Emperor. The campsite felt a little too empty and soon, a bunch of men attacked the camp. I read it many times, hahaha…im addicted to korean drama specially about jiwonnie, i am a Big fan of her…please keep do the recaps…fighting!


Yesss we need more WY-SN screen time! Watch Episode 35 Sub. Watch Episode 21 Sub. It might be because of Ha Ji-won, but her cool personality makes her a lot episodr likable.

You are commenting using your WordPress. I thought I should share what I could understand, at least.

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Discusion Facebook Report to Admin. Watch Episode 7 Sub. Yoo is someone whom Seung-nyang respect while Ta-hwan is the one she has to protect. Email required Address never made public. Yoo warned Ta-hwan not to die in Goryeo and save his death for his Yuan.

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