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He is not our emir whose heart was clear as crystial ,he is someone else played by the same actor ofcourse. On the way to village, Emir comes and takes Feriha along with him. I don’t want you to make trouble for him G: Unknown August 11, at 6: Erika Fernandes March 10, at Aren;t you curios to know what I’m guessing.

Will pay the price for everything. This denies the legendary love of emir And feriha. Anonymous March 7, at 1: I will convince her not to bow down to your threatening. Aysha A March 31, at 5: It was an awsome series.. I did a very bad thing, can’t carry it anymore can’t cope with the pain I made gunes live G: You hurted me enough.

Later in the story due to a misunderstanding, Feriha leaves Emir and goes to U. Did we arrive at Saryer? I will convince her not to bow down to your threatening. What were you talking with her?

Don’t leave me in a bad position. You don’t wait from me to believe this G: We were upset when Ece showed up in the picture because it was Emir and Feriha’s story that were watching.

They were trying to show up another love interest of emir forgetting the fact of feriha from meirin life compltely. He is not our emir whose heart was clear as crystial ,he is someone else episkde by the same actor ofcourse. I can guess what are you thinking about.


But i love gunes and emir. One is decieved because it’s stupid, but the one who decieves does that because is very smart. This is the problem, who are you trying to summafy G: Daud Ansari March 8, at 8: Emir sarrafoglu won’t step another time in this office H: I wished they could continue this series now with feriha and emir together.

I have to answer, but we’ll talk about pinar K: You think that the only reason I’m doing this is you, and right away after you I’m with someone else right?

Basically, the series ended badly for all the lead characters. People will know about this also, won’t they think me a low person also.

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I won’t say anything different from those I said in the port. I was wrong because he didn;t take you to his home, God knows where he took you G: I don’t want to see him another time in front of me for that reason convince hime we have a relationship G: This has nothing to do with my feelings.

Answer to me in a thing. I know son, at the same ti she is your ex-girlfriend E: Sjmmary don’ know any news, don;t know where she is L: I made her believe things that were a lie.

Because they sukmary our heart.

Emir’in Yolu

Yavuz asks gunes why she is so quiet and she tells him for me it was a good night, but ask engin. I won’t talk for longer.


From the tiring job I thought you could’ve forgotten and wanted to remind you So, Emir and Feriha have to live the hard life due to their family’s disappointment. I saw when I came home K: Retrieved from ” https: But what i feel now is so different that. I am without solution G: I don’t have a special plan, like my legs bring me around here H: Are you implying sth gunes?

Her family arranges her marriage with Spisode, who starts to accompany her to the university. Simply dragging the series. BTW u did a nice job. I was near enough that you could give me your hand. By cancelling my work, I alredy got it.

TV series summaries: Emir’s Way/Emir’in Yolu episode 8 synopsis (last episode)

In Pakistan, this drama was on aired on ‘Channel Urdu’ dubbed with urdu-Pakistani national language and earned great appreciation from public. Anonymous January 22, at 1: Is very enjoyable to mess with you H: I don;t understand why you are nervous G: Yavuz learnt all my lies, he threatened me. Emir should have taken revenge for Feriha’s death and he fall in love with Gunesh.