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I understand that people may want a one-stop blog to read up on all their loved dramas but at the same time, don’t discount those from other blogs too by seemingly ignoring them by asking for those recaps on DB. What in tarnation did I just see?? And as the viewer, we’re all just suppose to expect that those issues are instantaneously resolved without either character doing any soul-searching? The time she went to visit the Chief who actually helped her see how she felt about Chang Min that it was not over between them. Watch ‘ Emergency Couple ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. So I hope no one will come and tell me to not spoil the episode.. He takes out a postcard and starts to write to his father.

Other reasons why I always come back into this site because the comments here are mostly intelligent, insightful, and funny at the same time. So his acting is doing something to me. My sisters hate watching anything with me lol. Kim Kang Hyun Supporting Cast. Her sad face outside Chief’s office after Chief Gook ignore her and give her lousy answer I personally think that if they don’t do anything to help their relationship, they’ll divorce again later of course the drama would never show that

Choi Su A Kim Ha-neul works as a flight attendant for 12 years. Yong-gyu rushes to get a gurney. But when we meet her, her hope and optimism have been ground down to almost nothing.

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Meta [Happily never after] Maybe Log in with Email. She asks him how he spent his vacation time, and he shares that he sent a postcard to his father. Someone who makes your heart pound. I honestly didn’t like this episode. Chang-min bristles at the thought that he might be an object of pity. So I hope no one will come and tell me to not spoil the episode.


DB and AKP are great drama sites, and there are plenty of others too. She acknowledges that she was too wrapped up in her emotions at the time and was unable to see things from his perspective. In the preview for ep 20 they have sex. But now, she realizes that Chang-min himself must have had a hard time trying to make things work.

When the show begin I thought its gonna be usual romcom k-drama, I give it a try because SJH and CJH, turned out it something worthed to watched and eps 16n17 is def the best eps. She is mentally competent! She is now free to re-evaluate her past with Chang-min with a balanced perspective and to weigh realistically the potential advantages and drawbacks of a possible new future with him.

Park Joon Geum Supporting Cast.

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CrazyKaleidoscopic March 30, at 3: The Story of Ming Lan Episodes Lee Mi Young Supporting Cast. Her lost of the ring, when it was pawned, made her upset to the point of being violent… Guess that was love, buried beneath the hurt caused by the divorce. He is a kind person and already has a wife and daughter, but one day a terrible accident happens.

Just a friendly advice. As we all know, once you have sex in Kdrama, next comes marriage. I don’t really think they solved their problems from their episodr. I can’t even be bothered with the next one despite the promise of lots of Baby Guy. I don’t know where the writer came up with that bizarre scenario. Like seriously we’re supposed to believe that!


She says she was afraid, fng that’s why she kept pushing him away.

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So-Hye is a popular TV drama series writer, but she has only 6 months left to live. At the coffee enh, Jin-hee waits impatiently alone. Well that should seal the deal then. The next morning, Chang-min cracks open a second fortune cookie.

I don’t last long when I watch something, I would usually tune out before it finishes or eergency along a lot. For some reason, that his right-hand man was a woman was pretty cool for me. But the rest of us are left asking, what’s my motivation for wanting them to be together.

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Watching this drama or any k-drama is a form of escape Lee Sun Ah Supporting Cast. How can JinHee can trust ChangMin again? I still love the show nonetheless.